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Yesterday I wrote about some workouts that work for everyone. In this article I was just naming the exercises, but I wasn't sure everyone knows how they should be done and if it correct how you are doing, so here is my explanation to all of those workouts for some I could find a photo, but for some not so for those without of photo I will write explanation and I hope you get.

Workout 1: 
Cross squats: For this one I didn't find a photo. For this exercise you have to jump with for example right leg and raise your right arm and then down you touch the left foot and then you jump with left leg and raise left arm and so 15 times together I am doing 30, but at the beginning I also did 15, because the exercise is challenging.

Sumo jack: You do this exercise pretty much like it is on photo. I don't think you need more explanation 

Lunge crunch:On this photo you can't really see that good. You first put your legs together, stand straight then one leg goes behind and a bit low and raise your arms, then you go with one leg forward as much as you can. The way you go forward is you bend your knee 

Curtsey lunge: On photo it is clear how it works. First put your legs straight together and then bend you knees one forward and one behind

Workout 2: 
Curtsey with 90 degree side hole: This work out is the same as on the previous photo only with this one you need to use weight and you put your arms on side and then straight and hold the weight 
Sumo with 90 degree fwd hold: This is the same as simple sumo that i explained in previous workout just the hands are in front of you and you hold the weight
Side lunge with bent elbow hold: For this exercise your put your legs together and bend the elbow and when you are you hold the weight while your elbows are bend and you bend your knees. 
Squats with 90 degree raise: You first put your arm on 90 degree with weight that means up from your shoulder on that side on which you are holding the weight and then your legs are together and then you raise your other leg not the side you are holding the weight and then you do that again 

Overhead lunges:This is clear put legs and arms together and then raise arms with weight and bend one knee and then the other but always with raised arms 

Extra workout: 

Jump squats: Very easy to do but very challenging 

Weighted walking lunged: You do it the same as on photo, but it is important when you go back put your legs straight, but so that you can bent them again so one leg forward straight and other back straight and weighted step up you do it the same only on the bench

Sumo squats

Scissor kicks

Bench jumps

Double bench squats:here is important to put two benches and then one leg on one bench the other one bench


Push ups 

Tricep dips


Weighted squat clean and press

Mountain climber


Split push ups 


Weighted bent leg jackknifes

Raised leg sit ups with twist

Sit ups 

Toe touches

As you can see all these extra workouts are pretty simple and you might know them and how they work just by reading the name. They are simple, but have big effects and I would recommend doing them too, you don't have to do all of them but some. I hope you understand all the workouts I tried explaining as good as I can. So now that you know how to do this workouts go here and let's workout and be so fit and feel so great. Have fun you guys with this fun workouts. Give me your feedbacks when you have a chance

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