Favorite Fashion Bloggers

Friday, February 13, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

So as all of you know I love fashion and I also love read great fashion blogs. Some people have asked me what are fashion blogs I read and I decided to share with you my favourite fashion bloggers. I adore all of them and they give great advices and everyone should read them. I mostly discovered them on instagram but you can find them all over the social media.

1. Kristina Bazan- the Swiss blogger, who is co founded her blog named kayture with her partner James Chardon, and she has been blogging for view years now. She is beautiful and has amazing style and she worked with high-end. She was also ranked among the 20 most influential personal style bloggers. Kristina is young but yet very successful. You can check her out
webpage: www.kayture.com
instagram: kristina_banzan
twitter: kayture
snapchat: kistina_bazan
vine: KristinaBazan

2. Jessica Stein aka Tuulavintage- the Australian blogger, who is traveling the world going to THE Fashion Events and showing off he amazing style. Her blog is not just about her amazing style it is also about the places she goes, those places are exotic and very beautiful. Looking at her photos, that are just looking dreamy almost as it wasn't real. Tuulavintage is fashion but also travel blog. You can check her out:
webpage: www.tuulavintage.com
instagram: tuulavintage
twitter: tuulavintage

3. Kenza Zouiten- the Swedish/Moroccan blogger, who is only 23 and already has her business ivyrevel and she has come very far since she has her blog. She has won many awards and has done many different things. You can see on her blog that she has good taste in style and that she knows that she is doing. I love how she mixed something up, things you thought would never be good together. You can check her out:
webpage: kenzas.se
instagram: kenzas
twitter: zouitenk

4. Milena Karl- the German blogger, who has been blogging to about 2 years now and got noticed for giving advice about fashion and also make up. She always put up some make up and clothes photos on instagram and always writes when she buys something. She has very girly style, kind typical style of 20 something year old and she always has nice accessories that looks very good to her outfits and she always looks good it doesn't matter what time a day it is she will always look good. She has done a lot of fashion event around the Germany. You can check her out:
webpage: www.milenalesecret.de
instagram: milenalesecret
tumblr: m-lesecret.tumblr.com

5. Andrea Hedensredt: the Swedish blogger, she is very young only 18. She also posts fashion stuff on her blog and she has also done view things like some commercial and more. I have been following for while now but not too long. I know her style is girlie but also a bit badass and that is what I like a bit like leather jacket or some accessories. You can check her out:
webpage: andreahedenstedt.se
instagram: andreaviktoria

6. Eirin Kristiansen- the Norwegian she blogs about fashion clothes she bought and her outfits but also what she eats kind of like fashion but also health and fitness blog. I really like her she has cool style a bit elegant sometimes a lot of colours but it looks on her. She has done cover shots, commercials and just kind of a lot of fashion events. You can check her out:
instagram: eirinkristiansen

Those are my top 6 bloggers, but of course I also read from others. Those six women have inspired me and also my style and you guys you check them out. Enjoy