My make up

Sunday, February 15, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Today I was cleaning my room and also organising my makeup and I thought why don't I make picture of some of my makeup and share with you guys. Here is some of mine makeup:

Urbandecay Palette, it has strong colour a lot like vice that they are selling at the moment and it is around 60 dollars 

The naked palettes also from Urbandecay, the big one is number 1 and the small one is number 2
the big one was around 50 dollars and the small one was around 20 dollars 

Different eyeshadows, the one with purple colours is dior, next to dior is too faced brown colourwith glitters, next one is mac and it is called all that glitters, next to this one is urbandecay called midnight cowboy rides again and the last one is from sephora just classic nude colour called creme caramel n 11. All this eyeshadows are brown with glitters and they were all around 20 dollars  

Here are some eyeliners, this red one is from urbandecay it is called 24/7 and it is waterproof, next to this one on left side the green one is alverde and it is bio it is kajal eyeliner 01 black, next to that is babele eyeliner in brown colour, then it comes this golden eyeliner from essence, then the sephora brown flashy eyeliner and the last P2 kajal eyeliner

This is TooFaced bronzer and it smells very good 

This is also from TooFaced and it is powder 

This is about it from my makeup presentation this is just some of my makeup I have way more and I will post more as soon as I can. I also wanted to tell you my top 5 makeup brands are:
Urbandecay, Maccosmetics, TooFaced, Benifit and Chanel. What are your top 5 makeup brands? We would love to hear about it