How to dress like Parisian?

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This week the Paris fashion week started and we thought to write an article about how to dress like Parisian just the right thing to write at this moment don't you think so? We all know how women even men in Paris and in France general dress very elegant and very stylish people around the world adore their style. Some people say that this style has a taste. Most French people really know how to put clothes together and to look very good. People don't just adore their style they want to have that style as well so here are some tips how to dress like Parisian:

Black: you should know that Parisians love to wear black. Black is just the perfect colour if you want to dress elegantly or French aka Parisian  they have a lot of black items in their closet from pants to cocktail dresses that they only wear occasionally but they can really mix it up with some other colours and it will look great.

Jacket: it doesn't matter if it leather jacket or denim jacket that is a must for a Parisian and any jacket must come with some cute classic scarf. 

Pants: something women from Paris will always it doesn't matter if it is winter, summer or spring and it doesn't matter what trends are at moment in, they will always wear pants they are comfortable, stylish and they function very well.

Flats: when it comes to high heels Parisians are not their biggest fans, their rather wear ballerinas, or jensen sueded boots or even classic leather flats. It looks very elegant with anything

Bags: the women from Paris won't go out the house without their bags, it doesn't matter if it is big, small they have to have bag with them and most Parisians have that one special bag that cost so much, but it is so special that they wear everywhere and looks great with every outfit.

Black Blazer: everyone in Paris should have at least one black blazer, it always look good and your outfit doesn't have to be amazing to wear one, because with a classic black blazer your outfit will look great and don't wear too many colour with it

Silk scarf: this scarf adds a bit colour to outfit that doesn't have too many colours. Parisians love to wear it with outfits in only one colour like black that scarf makes outfit looks so good

White shirt: they love wearing white shirt it is simple and looks good with pants and then you can add some cute accessories to that. 

Long trench coat: it is not really for cold weather, but it is so French and Parisian. It is so typical for French women to wear this coat, it is classic and stylish coat and you can wear it with some flats or sandals in spring. 

Thick scarf: this scarf is stylish and you can wear it with anything and it will keep you worm and they wear it very often with some natural coloured pullovers.

Oversized sweaters: they wear oversized sweaters on Sundays, a casual days where they wear skinny leather pants. 

Oversized sunglasses: if you want to dress like Parisian you need to get pair of oversized sunglasses, because everyone in Paris has one and they look good and they never go out of trend

Accessories: accessories is very important for Parisian, because they have simple outfits with not many colours they need accessories to put some light to the outfit. As I said they add scarfs, bags, but they also put some watches, neckless and rings it depends on outfit. They love wearing watches that looks very elegant and they can keep track at the time so they can come to all of their meetings on time

Parisians have very simple and elegant style. Not too much, for them less is better and just keeping it simple. By the way did you guys check out Paris Fashion Week it looks great. I check some of the shows and it is looking amazing. Did you like this article? Did I forget something? How do you feel about Parisian style? What is your style? Have you check out the Paris Fashion Week yet and if yes what did you like? 


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