How to dress to impress "THE ASSHOLE"

Friday, March 27, 2015 Unknown 1 Comments

Even though we hate those assholes we sometime really love when they come up to you when you are out with your girls and gives you compliment tell you that you really look great in what you are wearing, and just for once get attention for that guy and maybe have some fun with him and do some other things but it is mostly that he give you attention because you look so cute and he even is less then asshole because of that one girl in bar that looks so sweet and amazing. But we all ask ourselves how do we do it? How do we impress the hottest guy in bar who has probably experience women all over the world from sessy crazy latin to american college girls!!! Girls there is always a way and I give you exclusive tips on how to get to impress THAT guy. How the hell you dress? Girls you don't need that much. And that much is my first point

Less is always better: assholes are popular for hooking up with girls and they are all about sex, so of course they love to see girls with less clothes on even when it is winter time and it is so cold outside
Tight, more tight and more tight: They love to see girls wearing those tight dresses, there is nothing more sexy then for them to see girl with sessy body wearing tight dress and in that kind of dress they can see your body in details and can even imagine you naked and if you are sessy they want it that moment!!!
High heels: the word is high heels they love woman who wears high heels with confident and you and they do make you look very remarkably and you whole outfit does looks way more sexy. You know taller legs and more skinny and sexy that means awesome for them
Stylish: even if they are not some fashion experts they know when they see woman who knows around fashion. They do notice that immediately
Makeup: they notice that they see put effort into getting ready and looking their best even though it is some local bar, that also means makeup. Don't do makeup like what you do everyday or every evening it has to look good with your outfit and put colours that suit your outfit
Accessories: don't be afraid to put some nice neckless or some earring that will make your outfit shine and be noticed very quickly
Hair:  you also need your hair to look good, it has to look good with your outfit. Put up your hair if you are wearing earring because they are more noticeable with your hair up

FOR ASSHOLES mean the whole deal from up till under from hair till high heels. We are not really chasing after assholes and we are not getting ready just to impress them, but it is sometimes to get compliment and nice to know how to get it. It does sometimes make your night when you haven't have action in very long time. It is nice to get attention and I don't doubt that you look you beautiful when you just go out with your girls and but if you want to get some nice word out of assholes just nice to know while you get ready. We are strong girl and we don't need assholes that are going to be assholes!!! 


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Anonymous said...

Impress by showing up. Be feminine and nicer than the nice guy.