Is MGTOW the sissy answer to WGTOW?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 18 Comments

MGTOW means Men Going Their Own Way... have they ever gone other way? I wonder... well, every man I know goes his own way without this MGTOW proclama but let's go deeper into the real meaning of this acronym.

Let's check out the claim:

M.G.T.O.W – Men Going Their Own Way is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else. It is the manifestation of one word: “No”. Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a “man” is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn’t. “

Sounds good to me, sounds like we could say WGTOW, which we girls just don't say we just do it, right? No big deal, it's a free world... anyway, checking the women version of the MGTOW statement, I actually think is so cool, kinda defines us very well:

W.G.T.O.W – Women Going Their Own Way is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern woman preserves and protects her own sovereignty above all else. It is the manifestation of one word: “No”. Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a “woman” is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to her own best interests in a world which would rather she didn’t. “*

But as I said, we don't need to proclaim that everybody's free and that's it.

I felt like I almost admire this guys, but then went deeper into the page, and found this:

Play or be played” … oh boy, this wasn't part of the statement, was it? one thing is self-ownership, and stand on your right to be yourself and be happy, other thing is to say that you must play others in order to achieve that. Just take a look at this recommended reading: “Why I cheat” by some Tim Patten.

Here is when I start to think again: these are more like men afraid of women, since they see an enemy on us, they attack as a defence strategy. Guys, can't we just be friends and cut this crap? We all had bad experiences that's part of human life, but chill out and move on!!!

I had a big laughing journey through this FAQ bit, I could write an article to each one of them. Like thE one “why announce MGTOW? Why don't you just go your own way?”, where they never answered the question in the first place. Or this other one: "MGOTW can't get a girlfriend", and they go “Not that we can't we just don't want to” which is basically the same answer to this one “Do MGTOW have sex? are you all virgins who don't get any” “Not that we can't we just don't want to” LOL!

Very funny joke-site...

Well, I must say each guy is free to decide if he wants a girl or have an eternal romance with his right hand, it's all fine, but why attack women in the process? Live and let live!!!.... This is why...
The core of this whole business is not the freedom of men and all that silly propaganda, that's the hook for weakminded boys. The core thing I found is in the forums page, here you find the tricky topics (two examples):

Men’s and Father’s Rights: MRA-related wing for Men's and Fathers Rights, with topics on the current legal climate, child custody, child support, visitation rights, mediation, legal battles, and the general western divorce and family court system.” in other words “we help you to take children away from their mothers” (because you know, mothers are evil...)
Political Corner: When the current state, globalization, or concerns like "global cooling" or "saving the planet" are on your mind, this is the place for that. “ Or, become an extremist republican (because you know, all that nonsense about global warming is not happening)

I went to the “political corner” to confirm my theory, and there, I found these trends: “It is "the left", "liberalism", socialism, that is the enemy of MGTOW” , “Any Libertarians here?”, “Global Warming or Not”, “North Korea Gets the Red Pill”, “False Sexual Harassment”, “Obama to announce major US-Cuba deal”... and it goes on...

Look, I stand for all those men and women in the world who go their own way, and who are free not only because they do what they want and meant what they do, but also because in their hearts and souls they're light and free of hatred, so we really don't occupy our minds being fixated on another guy or girl, seeking revenge or gaming them... being free is staying cool with everybody and mostly with yourself, cool with men, women, society, the planet, people different from you, don't be afraid of diversity, knowing other cultures is the best thing ever, believe me!!

I say, these guys with the MGTOW are a sissy response to the real WGTOW, but more than that they are extreme right wing recruiters behind that mask. And they are not even true to their own statement. MGTOW: If you refuse the social pressure and defend the men's sovereignty to decide, why don't you let married men to join you??? You hypocrites!! You pretend to be “ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a “man” is” by dictating your own silly preconception and cultural definition of what a man is. Dugh!

You know what a man is? A guy who really goes his own way no matter what MGTOW, ReturnOfKing, Tim Patten, or even I say. Period

* This are not my words btw, just in case of any copyright or somethig, this is propety of MGTOW, or I think it is because it is on the page Of course I wouldn't write somethng so obvious!!...


Anonymous said...

Cool..but not really impressed with one day's of research. MGTOW community is mostly on youtube. There is no such thing as WGTOW because there is no such thing as an independent women. A crowd of women watching and cheering on Oprah is not independence. We do have MGTOW groupies and cheerleaders.
The MGTOW r shamed for many false reasons but Sandman is unshamable.

I know Tim Patten - Good book.

free books to link...truthovereverything on youtube

Masculinity is so sexy to feminine women.

How come your write as anonymous why don't you give us your name? Bc your are that person who writes horrible things about women and you are the one who doesn't do not even a bit of research about women before writing stuff you just write stuff based on your hate for women. Women ain't anyones groupies or cheerleaders and how old are you when you call fans groupies and cheerleaders I see your vocabulary is not that big. About our research nakedlydressed has known about this for long time and we have been researching for while. We really wanted to know all the facts before we write anything sadly we can't say the same for your writing. We always do research before we write a article we don't want to give our readers a false informations.

HAHAHAHA... oh yes!... Sandman... the Mike Wellington of ur Stepford world... u r right, he is kinda unshamable, bc he is SHAME ifself... ofc we'll talk about Lord Hatred and his cheesy manipulaton techniques... gosh, I can't believe how men can buy his crap!


MGT OW said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your interest in MGTOW......

I was delighted to read this plague of a piece be-riddled with self projection and shaming language of which I foresee many more pieces from this blog targeting MGTOW.

Couldnt even represent the views held by MGTOW; So its hard for me to hold you to any sort of intellectual standard; Aside from this I do have one question;

Is there or What is the difference between Hikikomori , MGTOW , MRA and Grass eaters? I suspect your answer will fall along the path of 'They are just losers who need to man up or just walk away silently?'

Just a guess.


NB: Why am i posting anonymously? Because its my body my choice.

Anonymous said...

If you want to "go your own way" that's perfectly fine. A lot of the members calling women derogatory names, saying their gender is "useless, adds nothing to relationship" is what you call spreading hate. Some want women to be traditional housewives and stay at home, but then call them lazy. If they do work, they "think they're independent". It's a no win situation for them. Everyone vents, that's normal. but you don't think those links she provided are misogynistic in the least?

Anonymous said...

A typical response to a woman finding something threatening. Call us sissies, demean us sexually, try anything and everything to shame us back into free-range slavery. It will not work, especially coming from a woman who thinks herself important enough to write a blog but lacks the ability to command writing skills at higher than a third-grade level.

MGTOW is not a political movement. There are MGTOWs on every range of the political spectrum, from every religion and non-religion, and at every stage of adulthood. We are everywhere, and our emotional, physical, and financial resources are no longer at your disposal. That’s why you and your white-knight zombies want to shame us back into slavery.

Sun Tzu said in “The Art of War”: Know yourself and know your enemy; a thousand battles, a thousand victories.

We know ourselves and we know our enemy. You clearly learned nothing from your “research” into MGTOW, and yet we know your motives, tactics and strategy very well.

I wish you the best of luck in the days to come. You’ll need it (and a copy of Hodge’s Harbrace - maybe you can find a white knight to loan the copy he bought to you and teach you to use it?).

Anonymous said...

Such funny little boys!

Anonymous said...

The well worn, because you 'hate women'. Said about someone you have never met and have no evidence upon which to base your assertion.

Only bullies write you 'hate women' or articles such as yours.

It is scientifically proven that women are gender biased in favour of their own gender by a factor of 4 to 1. Men are gender neutral. So, science has proven that it is women who hate men. This is also proven by all the gynocentric laws and vile behaviour, such as women tweeting to 'kill all men'.

Thanks for the recruitment drive. The more your spew your propaganda the more men convert to mgtow.

MGT OW said...

Such silly little girls!

You're entire debate completely shatters as soon as you accept :
It's not MORAL issue...... it's a LEGAL issue.

What you think someone may (or may not) feel or think - or like or hate - is totally irrelevant.

Determining whether or not a woman FAILS a cost benefit analysis in a marriage (or relationships) is not a moral issue. Its a LEGAL issue. So all your bullshit "you hate women" nonsense fails.

You're going to stop being a swiveling little girl, grow up and accept:

Anonymous said...

Huh. Not even close.

MGTOW is not the "women hating" site you so dearly want it to be. If there is an "enemy" it is the system. Example: Women fight for equality in the workplace. So why don't women fight against hateful Affirmative Action laws that give women an unequal advantage over men in university enrollment and jobs? Seen a male librarian lately?

Another: Women want access to all military positions. Okay! So why don't women fight to require every 18 year old girl to sign up for the draft? Obviously, women would prefer the "choice" to sacrifice their lives instead of being forced to do it. Must be nice.

Why don't women fight to be equal with men so that the courts award custody to the father 50% of the time? Why alimony if we're equal? Why don't women do excavation work, clean out sewers, drive garbage trucks, die for freedom? Oh yeah...women just want to be equal when it comes to what they want. Must be nice.

Here is a women's logic: Women "fight" against breast cancer. Really? It doesn't even dawn on them that coating themselves with chemicals in the form of hair spray, make-up, hair dye, pesticides in tampons, gel breast implants, lipstick, feminine sprays, etc., might cause cancer. They don't want to know because they may have to sacrifice something they like. And that's not going to happen. Go ahead, keep paying Nancy Brinker [Susan G Koman founder] $684,000 dollars a year, you idiots.

As far as Oprah just proves that women are stupid and cannot be trusted to discern shit from shinola.


Anonymous said...

If I went my own way more, I wouldn't be worrying about what a WGTOW is, and get into a debate whether or not Bruces of the world are one or not. Going my own way means I don't know about this own site, or even care it exists. It means life is hard enough on my own, and I don't have time for individuals to guiltify me to go hunt KONY or be a He for a She, or save the whales. It means I do what I can, act like an adult, and follow the advice of Prelude by Billy Joel and not be an angry young man (or I will become an angry old man).

In short, it means, I don't care. Have fun raging. I need to do what benefits me, and work what works best and not be able to game anything. That is it for me. But of course, Not All MGTOW Are Like This, so I can't speak for anyone else.

I also am anonymous here, because I don't want to bother to log in, get into a conversation with you, and let who I am be known. I am doing this for my own self-serving reasons, so I can be of value and not be of need, and give what my take is, and maybe clear up what you may thing.

Ok, I am out. I have done wasted enough time here.

They are just losers who need to man up or just walk away silently. CHEERS M8

You're absolutely right. They are indeed ridiculously misogynistic and extremely chauvinistic and that's what caught our attention in the first place. THX

LOL Guys you are so obsessed with this, based on your passionate comment I'd say that it's obviously you who feels like "finding something threatening" here... well there isn't, freak. You know why? because THIS IS NOT A WAR. Chill out and move on, get a life
PS: noone wants to make you a slave

Man, you're sick... but I'll bite... show us that "scientific proof"

Thanks for reinforcing my point dude