Kayla Itsines Fitness Program

Wednesday, March 04, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Maybe some of you have heard about Australian trainer that made great fitness program for women. It is first 12 weeks of bikini body training and then you have another 12 weeks after you
have lost your weight and changed your body. I read reviews and they are all great so I decided to do it as well and I bought a bikini body in 12 weeks and also how to eat there is another book and I started this week and as far I can tell you I feel great. It is great to do it, because you have goal and it 
is easier to follow something when you have a goal. Good thing for me is that I didn't have to get myself a bit in shape before I started with a programme, because before the programme I actually did exercises and I went running every week, but if you didn't do sport before you should give yourself at least one week or two to get in a shape.
So I decided about month ago I will do this programme and this week I started. On Monday morning I was feeling so excited and happy for doing this and in the evening when I came home I did those exercises and it was hard but also good I put some music on and I was just telling myself you can do this. I ate just normal stuff I don't look anymore if it is healthy or not, I know I am eating healthy enough and that is good for me, because I have been in that kind of healthy lifestyle for a while and I know what to eat and what not to eat so this is not new for me. And yes if you are wondering why I am doing this programme it is because I want to get myself in shape and feel better about myself and try something different from my usual workouts. Anyways I started eating healthy and working out view years ago I have learned a lot since then, you had to see me what I used to eat it was so horrible and not good at all. I used to love eating chocolate and sweet food and now I don't really like to eat that that much many sometimes, but I like more eating fruits and salad my favourite meal of the day is in the evening when I make amazing salad. And  yesterday was my second day of the programme and I also did exercises and before then I went for a walk for  one hour walking is great exercise as well for legs and also your shape and it is nice to relax and walk a bit and listen to the music. Then in the evening I also did exercises from the kayla itsines book and this time it was easier it was not as hard as the first time. I think every time you do this exercises it will get easier, but this is not because they are easy it is because you are more in shape and you get stronger and then do more then you used to do. Anyways today I am taking a break and tomorrow I will do another round of arms and abs workout and then I might do on Friday full body workout.
On weekend I will also go walking, because I saw it will be nice weather and that about it. I will be doing review of this great programme every week or two and I will show your my progress. If you are like me already a bit in shape I don't think it will be hard for you at least in first week and just have fun with the exercises they are so much fun. And just keep thinking of the goal and that you can do it. If it is better for you do with a friend or sister and then you can motivate each other. I strongly suggest 
this programme it is not only for women who want to lose weight, but for women who want to stay or be in shape and get a bit of muscles and wanting the body to look better. Who is fit and lives healthy life lives happier and longer. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope you guys are also going to this fun programme and feel so great. 


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