Kayla Workout Program Monday Weeks 1&3

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If you guys have been reading our blog you know that I have been doing Kayla workout BBG and I have to say it is going great and I already see effects and I am only in week four. I thought because it worked out so good with me why not share those great exercises with your guys. Before you start doing these exercises you have to know some things you have to know exercises very well try couple of times those exercises out before you do it, also these exercises are just one part of this great program you also have to do power walking in weeks 1-4 around 30 minutes and also at least once stretching after this workouts. Also about this workout this is a leg and cardio workout and there are 2 circuit in one workout and one circuit has four exercises and you have to do those two circuits two times and after 7 minutes you need to take a bit of break and do not over do it. Drink water and enjoy the workout

15 jumps squats
15 squats
24 or 12 per leg walking lunges
24 or 12 per leg knee ups 
Break after 7 minutes
2. Circuit:
16 or 8 per leg x jumps
10 burpees
24 or 12 per leg weighted step ups
15 medicine ball squat & press

Jump squats: jump squats is a lot like squats you put your legs together and arms then bend your knees and then from this position you jump and put your hands up

Squats:  you put together and straight your legs and your arms forward and then you bend your knees

Walking lunges: you do the same as on photo and you will need weights as well hold them in your hands next to your legs, but when you go back it is important to put your legs straight again, but so that you can bent your knees easily one leg forward and one leg back. 

Knee ups: start by placing your hands on side and put your legs together. Straighten your left leg, as you straighten your left leg, bend your right leg knee and lift it up into your chest. Slowly release your left leg from your chest and place it back on the floor, followed by your right leg. When you done on left leg change the legs

X jumps: start by standing up with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart before bending both your hips and knees. When you are in position, propel your body upwards into the air, extending your legs before landing back into squat position. As you land, lean your body forward slightly so that you are able to touch your left foot with your right hand. Propel your body upwards into the air again, extending your legs before landing back into squat position. 

Burpees:  you can understand this exercise pretty great only thing I need to add is that you have to jump before going to bend knee position.

Weighted step ups: you put your legs together and your hand on side and in your hands your are holding weights. With one leg you go forward and with bent knee you go on bunch then with other leg you go to bunch and then straighten both legs 

Medicine ball squat & press: this photo explain pretty good how you should do this work out you put legs together straight and hold the ball in front of your chest then you bend your knees into squat position then slowly straighten your hands and then your legs.

I think this workout is a lot of fun and it is very useful. I will be posting also on Wednesday workouts for week 1&3 and 2&4 and those are arms and abs workouts come back on Wednesday to see another fun workout


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