Kayla Workout Program Monday Weeks 2&4

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As I posted in my pervious article a kayla workout for 1&3 now I am going to show you workout for Monday week 2&4 these workouts are a bit harder but I am sure you can handle it. Also very easy to do. This workout is also leg cardio workout and you also have to do two times those exercises it works the same way the only thing I didn't say was that beside those workouts in weeks 1-4 you have to go power walking around 30 minutes 2-3 times a week.

1. Circuit:
10 burpees
20 or 10 per leg jump lunges
24 or 12 per leg knee ups
15 sumo squats
Break after 7 minutes
2. Circuit:
2 minutes skipping
24 or 12 per leg walking lunges
30 or 15 per leg raised reverse lunges
15 jump squats

Some exercises come up in 1&3 week of kayla bbg and some are new but I will still explain the exercises:

Burpees: this photo shows really good how this exercise works the only thing I have to add is that when you go bend knees position before that you have to jump into this position

Jump lunges: it is pretty easy you have to bend one knee forward and another back and then from that position you jump and change legs.

Sumo squats: I think when you look at that photo you will get the exercise first straight legs and then bend them

Skipping: I think everyone knows what skipping is and you will need rope for this exercise 

Weighted walking lunges: You do the same as it is on photo and you will need weight as well hold them in your hands straight next to your legs. But when you go back it is important to put your legs straight again but so that you can bent them easily again one leg forward one back

Raised reverse lunges: this is the same as knee ups just you need some lower bunch or chair

Jump squat: this is a lot like squat you just put your legs and arms together bend your knees and then jump

This was it for Monday week 2&4 come back on Wednesday to see workout for Wednesday



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