Latinos Vs Europeans

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Let's be honest latinos as well europeans have special place in our hearts isn't that right girls? But what is good about them and what is bed? Latinos and Europeans have some good things and some bed things. The only question you should be asking yourself now is what kind of bed do you prefer. Well let's me tell you thinks about those two groups and I have experienced latinos and europeans. Latinos are crazy and they are so freaking sexy, most of latinos look good trust me with shirt or without shirt even better shirtless, for latinos is always better with less clothes on. Europeans are not as crazy as Latinos they are normal, but they are sweet guys. Let's talk about how different they are from each other:

Latinos: have temperament and get really crazy sometimes, they will let you know when they are mad at you and won't be shy about it and they are naturally loud you will be able to know when latino is coming because it will get loud and then are not going to change that for nobody, but I find that very sexy. 
Europeans: europeans are not going to be loud, they will argue with you only if they can, but it will be quiet and it will be alright after two seconds. Not all Europeans are like that it depends in which part of Europe but most of Europeans do like this and this is typical to Europeans.

Latinos: as I wrote in article 10 facts about 
latinos I said that latinos have big families and they are close with them most of them make every situation possible awkward it doesn't 
matter if it is school event, birthday party or something else, but their families love to support them and they will come to every event and support them. If you meet a latino he will probably take casually meeting the parents his and yours he won't make it a big deal.
Europeans: as I said before when I am writing about Europeans it is not that whole continent, more like things typical to Europe this is not for all countries this for sure doesn't go for countries in Balkan, because they are more like Latin-Americans. Europeans have small families maybe one or two siblings and they barely know their extended family like cousins, aunts and uncles. They see them only couple times a week and if you are dating european he will make huge deal about meeting the parents and you will probably have to wear something fancy and it will be some nice dinner at some fancy restaurant.

Latinos: latinos are known to eat very spicy food and not european spicy really spicy, they eat basically everything with a bit of spice and they love eating it with some drinks and you will never see latino eating alone either latino is eating with his family or group of his friends, but alone never that is stupid and boring for them. They love getting together and eating together if you are with latino you'll never get be bored at dinner.
Europeans: europeans don't like that much spicy food as latinos do, they like to eat in quiet environment and slowly and also it is not unusual for them to eat alone. They love eating in quiet and they love eating different food and with very good quality. 

Latinos: latinos might be crazy people, but they can be really great friends and they will always be for you there whenever you need them. I just wanted to say thanks to all my amazing latino friends for being there for me and being the best friends they can be. If you have latino friend you will have friend for life it doesn't matter if you go through stuff with that friend that friend will always find way to be friends with you and then don't give up on people easily. 
Europeans: europeans are also great friends, but sometimes they can be really mean and do nasty shit behind your back, I am not saying that latinos won't do for too, but in my experience that has more happened with europeans and they are just not open with you about stuff they don't like. I also have great Europeans friends and europeans will also be there for you when you need them the most. Europeans not make big deal about a fight between friends they just fix it and that is it.

Latinos: latinos they don't know the meaning of being on time, I don't know any latino that didn't come at least once late when we made plans. If they come 30 minutes later you will be considered lucky or special, they first start getting ready at the moment when you were suppose to meet. They are very casual about meeting with the time of course if it is important they will come on time. 
Europeans: I just love them, because every time we have to meet they always come on time or even earlier and you never have to worry if they will come late. They take every meeting seriously and if they come late it will be because of traffic or something serious.

Latinos: most of latinos have a lot of motivation and goals and most of them finish university and then never stop they keep going up and up and they will never be happy they will always more and they are quiet smart and end up on high positions. When they later have jobs they are not focused on their jobs and jobs are not the centre of their lives they have much more then just jobs in their lives and that is why latinos are much happier people.
Europeans: europeans are different from latinos in this way, because in Europe salary with only high school is very good they don't have a lot of motivation to go to the university and go up and when they finish university not a lot of finish it, they find great job and that is it for them they have good 
enough salary  and they are very focused on their jobs and saving money and that is why europeans are quiet depressed and they don't look for jobs they would enjoy, they look for jobs that will make them the most money and latinos enjoy their lives do what they love and are very casual. 

Latinos: for latinos fun is their middle name, they love having fun with their friends. They do a lot of things for fun from sitting at home with their friends and just talking eating something and laughing from really throwing wild parties, and going out with style. When they go out they will be the whole time on the floor dancing their asses of and being the hottest in the club. They also don't need a lot to have fun they can easily also hang out at home with their friends and will have as much fun as in club.
Europeans: europeans are during the week a bit quiet and when it is exam time, they usual only meet up at home during the week or go to the dinner nothing special, but when it is the weekend they will be seen in the hottest clubs. Clubs at the weekend is for europeans a must. They do waste a lot of money for fun, that is their way of fun.

Latinos: I think most of us knows that latinos are masters of the dance it doesn't matter if it is salsa, tango or something else they know their moves and they are not afraid to show you. Most of them are great dancers and that is one of the most sexiest features they have and it looks so good just watching them do their thing.
Europeans: europeans they just don't have in their blood to dance, so it is not like they are the best dancers a lot of them try dancing just doing some weird moves I mean at least they are trying and that is all we ask them. 

I am not sure what kind of type you like the one that can dance with you and looks so sexy doing it or the guys that is so nice and can treat you really well, but can't really dance that well. Whoever it is I am sure it is a good choice. Who do you like better latinos or europeans? Do you think it is true that latinos are the masters of the dance? I hope you enjoyed reading about this crazy and wild topic. Need any tips on how to handle latinos or europeans hit us up write us on email:, or write us on any social media or below in comment we will sure help you out with that.


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