Men-Women Relationships

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I think men and women can be really good friends. A lot of people think men and women can't be friends because they will end up having sex, but in my experience that is not true. I have so much guy friends and we have amazing friendship. And they are not all my childhood friends with whom I can be friends without sleeping with them, because if I would it would be weird and it 100% won't happen. Of course friendship with women and men is different in my ways first with your girls you can go shopping not a lot of men love to shop and you can talk about everything with your girls with your guy friends there are still limits. Your guys friends also don't probably agree on everything with you. When you hang out with your guy friends you definitely do different stuff then when you hang out with your girls. Guy friends are though amazing in giving you advices about boys, your other friends and there are also pretty great to be there for you when you need them. They can make you laugh at any time it doesn't matter if you are sad, happy or just in bad mood. It does take a work for this friendship to work like any other you need to respect each other like guy not to treat her differently only because she's a girl and also she should treat him the same, also you guys should have fun with each other and just enjoy each others company and you guys should feel comfortable around each other and shouldn't different with him as you act like with your girls. Just being silly doing fun with your fun guy friend. I have to say having so many guy friends that they are great friends and I have a lot of fun with them and they have never put me down for being a girl. Of course not every guy can be friends with girls, some are so immature and can't handle being friends with girls and being on the same level with them as they are with their boy friends. Some immature idiots think if they don't put them down that they are not cool enough and think the only way is to embers women and say horrible things about them. From trying to be cool they don't see how much access it gives them to be friends with girls and how much they gain by saying super nice things about women. But as I said only immature men who have no idea about life do those things. There are some women-men friendships that are better and valuable then friendships you have with some of your girls of course I am not talking about friendships you have with your best friends. Here are some different types of men-women friendships:

1. He's like brother to me: you and him have special friendship you can be as weirdest around each other as you want. You can get undressed around each other and you know it won't happen anything, you really don't see him as friend anymore more like a family member. You can tell him any secret and you know he'll keep it. 
2. Guy friend with whom you have fun: this type of friend is friend with you mostly go out and you help each other to find girls and boys at clubs and also you guys go out a lot and you get each other in fun ways. You mostly meet up at nights to party, but when you meet up in the day you are all the time talking about some weird jokes 
3. Family friend: when your parents know his parents and so you are kind know each other and you always see each other on family events and maybe sometimes meet ups and have a lot of common and you can talk to him about anything. This is more casual relationship don't have to put too much work into it, but still you guys get each other and if you want to experience something you didn't before he is the right guy to ask.
4. Great friend that you met later in life: this guy you met in school when you were already a bit older. With this friend you can do anything and talk about anything he always gives you the best advices you can't do everything with him like get undressed and weird stuff, but you do a lot with him and you guys are close friends. 
5. Friendship with hottest guy: he is the craziest of them all, gives you the best advices and all the secrets behind men who play games.If you are friends with that guy you must be close friends and you have known each other for while and you guys know a lot about each other. You guys do all the fun stuff go partying, go to great places and travel, he would even go shopping with you. But you have to know when he is playing the game he can't hang out with you, but if you need him he'll always be there for you. And most of girls will be jealous of you for being friends with him.
6. Business friendship: when you do business with a guy, you work together and you see each other a lot. Because you do business together you have a lot of in common, but outside the work you don't do much you see each other maybe view times and get some drinks. 

There are just some types of friendship they are more types of friendship, but these are kind of friendship most common for women-men friendships. I think these kind of friendships are great and a lot of fun. Men and women can really help each other and have great people around each other. Do you agree with me? Do you have guy friends? How is it? What types of guy friends do you have?




Anonymous said...

Women obviously can't have male friends, they have male utilities:

1. He's like a brother to me

You can tell him all your secrets and he'll keep them. It's handy having this living diary. And if he happens to like you, you can just say: "I don't see you like that."

2. Guy friend with whom you have fun

This guy takes you to a bar with his car and you don't have to pay for the gas. You can also make him buy you a drink "because I'm a girl" and he won't mind. He can never have you, but pretend to enjoy his company so he'll introduce you to his hot friends.

3. Family friend

You can wear him to any social events: weddings, funerals, family dinners etc. And if anyone asks if you're together, you can answer the way that's most convenient at the moment. And you don't owe him anything.

4. Great friend that you met later in life

Basically an emotional tampon like the first one, but with this one you can also have sex. And if you have sex with others, it's OK, if he does, he cheated on you. Really convenient.

5. Friendship with the hottest guy

So you already have a boyfriend and don't have the guts to dump him? Well befriend the hot guy anyway. He can tell you your boyfriend's game and by some logic will also carry your shopping bags. And you can tell girls you're with him so they're jealous.

6. Business friendship

He works with you, brings you coffee and pays for your drinks at the bar. You don't have to know him more than that, but if you feel like having sex in the middle of the day, this is your dildo.

So I disagree with you. If you feel like answering me how this is not the case, instead of being "immature" like I was, that would be appreciated. I'm feeling rather cynical about women right now and of course you don't owe me a rebuttal, but you seem to be writing a blog, so wouldn't that kind of be your thing?

In your answer, if you in your grace allow me one, I would also like to hear what a woman can do for a man, to even the "transaction". I would like to note that I don't need fashion advice from a woman, nor an emotional tampon, since my guy friends can offer me actual solutions instead of a shoulder to cry on. So do you have anything to offer that my friends couldn't do for me?