Mr Sandman or Mr. Sadman

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 18 Comments

There's no one on earth who knows so many stories as Ole Lukoie-he certainly can tell them!
When night comes on and children still sit in good order around the table, or on their little stools, Ole Lukoie arrives. He comes upstairs quietly, for he walks in his socks. Softly he opens the door, and flick! he sprinkles sweet milk in the children's eyes-just a tiny bit, but always enough to keep their eyes closed so they won't see him. He tiptoes behind them and breathes softly on their necks, and this makes their heads hang heavy. Oh yes! But it doesn't hurt them, for Ole Lukoie loves children and only wants them to be quiet, and that they are only when they have been put to bed. He wants them to be quiet so that he can tell them stories...”
Hans Christian Andersen

Mr. Sandman, comes in the night and makes the children sleep with sweet milk, then he tells us amazing stories, depending on how good we have been... maybe we have been very bad kids, because Mr. Sandman is telling us a horror story now, the story of the evil girls who hunts innocent men to tear them apart!!!.

Oh! I am a girl!! I got caught!! Outside I may look pretty and nice, but beware, oh, guys, I'll rip your heart and your testicles through your wallet, and I'll fry them on boiling oil, and eat them for dinner!! Listen!! My only goal in this world is using men to reproduce and then use your children to take all your money; I feed on your suffering without any remorse!!! Yes, I'm a girl; I'll leave you without money, without kids, without heart... and without testicles...
But hey!!! Don’t fear, poor guys!! Not everything is lost!! There’s a way to defeat this evil witch!! This bitch only attacks blue pill men.... Mr. Sandman has a medicine to keep the witch away, there is an amulet: the red pill. Take the red pill Mr. Sandman sells and know the “truth” about these devils and be safe!!!

Well, Mr. Sandman, or shall I say, Mr. Sadman, this girl has something to say about your story: This is a very simple truth and you don't need any colour pill to get to know it... or if you like colour pills, let's say it's white (mix of all of them). This is my white pill: we women have better things to do than to dry the life out of a man, silly!!.

I am a woman, and I never wanted nor want to marry because I don't like to owe people things. I’m not on sale. I don't want any man giving me advice nor even inviting me to the cinema. If I go out with my friends, I pay. If I'm in a work group with men, I work the most, I don't owe anything to any man, that's a simple rule in my life, I don't need any man, and I don't use any man, period. 
You Sandman, Sadman, you, Lord Hatred, who thinks that I by the mere fact of being a woman, I will peel out your skin and feed your organs to the crows. I don't hate you, I feel so sorry for you. You will never know the happiness many happily married couples know (yeah, they exist, a few but I have seen them)... and I must confess, surely me neither. You, because of your own stupidity. Me, because I never wanted to be judged by people like you. Anyway, as I said, I need no man. And probably you need no woman s well. Big difference is I'm not going round spreading hatred and obsessed with wicked men.

I can only imagine the damage that woman must have caused you, and how wounded you are or were, I am sorry for what she had done to you, I truly am. 

But, this!?, so, if you couldn't be happy with your relationship, no one else can?... you accuse women of manipulate men with their beauty... and you manipulate them with their fears... You came in the night when they are scared, and make them sleep and tell them these horrible stories... why do you want this army of brainwashed boys? so they can make you company in your sad loneliness????

Dude, honest, I feel bad for you Mr. Sadman, I sincerely hope you can find some peace some day in your path, so you can stop this ridiculous war on women, and be free, living and letting others live. 


Here, my friends I give you Mr. Sadman... (did you think I was exaggerating?)


Bhagwan Gray said...

Do some Magicians hate Penn & Teller because they reveal secrets of Magic? Did some Pro Wrestlers hate the guys who in 1998 revealed the secrets of Pro Wrestling? Do Women hate it when the secrets of their intent in relationships with men are revealed by Men who've experienced this first hand?

Its all a game of information and tactics. You think Sandman talking about the actions of some Women equals hate. Well, is it hate that drives Black People to talk about the secrets of the KKK? Is it hate that lead Men like Michael Moore to do movies about corporate corruption and their unfair business practices?

At the end, being angry doesn't make how its revealed less acceptable. It just means the those who secrets were being revealed just fell asleep and got arrogant to the point where people lost their tolerance of it. PS, Nakedly Dressed...check your privilege and don't be so angry. All secrets can't stay hidden forever.

Sockenpuppe said...

Well worded. And excellently written. But with a tiny little problem: You got cause and effect the wrong way around. Something I have often noticed when it comes MGTOW.

MGTOW exist since about 2004 while Sandmans channel exist only since.2013. MGTOW was there for almost 10 years before Sandman started to make his videos.

Not Sandman created MGTOW, MGTOW created Sandman.

Anonymous said...

Well someone's a bitter cunt. Why can't this bitch accept women are just horrible and no man in his right mind would want to deal with them?

Anonymous said...

"If I go out with my friends, I pay."
Fits with the story of the woman taken on a vacation. "You have to pay for my trip and hotel room!" "But do you ask your friends to pay for your vacation if you go with them?" "No of course not." "Then why should I pay for you? Don't you have the money?" "Of course I do!" "Then what's the deal?" "If you don't pay for my trip, then you're not having any sex!"
I'm just saying. And you can claim: "I have guy friends too!" Well good for you, but I'm not buying it.

Anonymous said...

The female collective writes funny and desperate articles once they hit the wall. Another classic.

villainsrule said...

1) Nice ploy to get views discussing the most prominent MGTOW youtuber. I read your "about" section and this article doesn't fit your alleged themes. I guess something struck a nerve with one (or all) of you ladies. Also, spell check. I blog as well and understand mistakes, but there are three of you (supposedly)--you shouldn't have this many glaring errors. The ads are also annoying as fuck.

2) Judging by your posts and pictures, you ladies live an upper-middle class or wealthy life (or it's all for show and daddy is flipping the bill). Pretty easy to pass judgements from an ivory tower. You essentially epitomize the kind of women MGTOWs avoid. High maintenance, inflated self-worth, shallow, materialistic, passive aggressive, and faux empathy...yeah, who wouldn't love to listen to you rattle on about the Kardashians?!

3) The author claims to be the "I don't need no man" type of woman, yet, you keep throwing in your envy of those who experience love. You say sandman is bitter yet you appear the same. Maybe you two should date ;) Also, MGTOW do not hate women...they simply analyze the current crop of them and realize it's not worth the risk. Since we can't determine who is genuine and who is a fake, we must assume the worst until the conditions of society are less hostile. Maybe you're a wonderful girl and different than the typical, shallow narcissist. Maybe you just think you are...

4) You invalidate sandman's assertions, because you feel you're the exception to them? How does that make sense in your mind? You don't discount that there are a lot of women as sandman describes them (if not the majority). Just because you may (or may not) be exceptional, men should just risk their lives that everyone will be like you?! MGTOW use statistics often to guide us...not emotional bullshit. Also, you think women naturally believe themselves evil? NO! They think whatever they're doing is right--ALL THE TIME--and if someone is hurt along the way it's not their responsibility. I've met many evil people (male and female), and they all believe themselves to be good and honest people.

5) I hope you make this kind of article the standard. I'd love to read more delusions :D

Anonymous said...

This is a ridiculous article...U will never defeat the MGTOW.

Thanks for the comment, but actually we do know that MGTOW is bigger than Mr S, the image that relates them on the article is taken from his own bio, cheers

am I like kkk or corrupt corporation here? all of us women are? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah... sorry man, it's the best answer I can find, we have no secret agenda here and your complot theory is so so funny

why? I tell u why man, bc that's BS... your problem is that u always look for that same type of girl, the prom queen, the silly bitch and then you end up crying.... Thre are many awesome girls out there, and you dont even see them bc they dont fit with your american TV type of "beauty"...
There are many worthy lovely girls who could make you happy and you just dont see them, dont want them
You guys are all so sad

Anonymous said...

His intention is to spread rational fear. The reality is that many men don't know how to protect themselves emotionally. Don't take this personally. Just be aware this ideology exist, these men won't pursue you for a real relationship. Sooooo consider it a warning and avoid them as well.

Anonymous said...

"writes funny and desperate articles once they hit the wall."

Sounds like something I've seen plenty of MRA's and MGTOW's do.
Especially articles about women.

Anonymous said...

You sound really bitter yourself.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, when I said 'you sound really bitter yourself', I was referring to the OP from the original "Anonymous"

Anonymous said...

Someone's really butthurt...

It's funny how you act like an egotistical professor, patronizing the author unnecessarily like you're above her. Stop making men look bad.

1) Something must've struck a nerve with you. Why else would you be here?

2) "High maintenance, inflated self-worth, shallow, materialistic, passive aggressive, and faux empathy"
Traits that a level-headed woman would also dislike in a man - it goes both ways.

3) "MGTOW do not hate women...they simply analyze the current crop of them and realize it's not worth the risk. Since we can't determine who is genuine and who is a fake, we must assume the worst until the conditions of society are less hostile"

You MTGOW's must have bad analytical skills.

4) "MGTOW use statistics often to guide us...not emotional bullshit."

I notice a lot of emotional and irrational MGTOW's.

"Also, you think women naturally believe themselves evil? NO! They think whatever they're doing is right--ALL THE TIME"

Way to over-generalize half the world's population. And act is if there's no men who aren't guilty of this themselves.

"I've met many evil people (male and female), and they all believe themselves to be good and honest people."

I don't doubt it. But it begs the question: why were you only targeting women.

5) I get the impression that you're a devoted follower of Sandman, and couldn't bear to see an article criticizing this MGTOW youtuber (who's probably a con artist and has got many fooled).

Are you sure you're in the right and not the wrong?

Anonymous said...

MGTOW's are so dumb, and aren't as logical as they think they are.

villainsrule said...

You didn't counter my points except to turn them back and say "well, men do it too!" Lame deflection but what more would I expect? Also, your post is so passive and never directly says anything yet your criticizing me for making claims you seem to think are bold? So if men cheat, women should too so as to be fair, right? It's called taking the higher road. This isn't a race to the least not to me, and most MGTOW, which is why we won't engage with these kinds of women.

As for patronizing...of course it will come off that way when I'm trying to explain reality to spoiled brat princesses with a collective intelligence that is still below average. Look at these mindless articles these ladies focus on all in an attempt to gain ad revenue. It goes beyond the material they cover though--they simply cannot write coherently or with grammatical skills above that of a 10 year old. Are you blind or being a tool jumping to the defense of petulant children lashing out? Honestly, as passive as you sound, which I don't respect, you at least write properly with some level of intelligence and a semblance of integrity. That makes me think your efforts are wasted on spoiled brats like this.

I am a fan of sandman, but I've seen others rebut him in ways that weren't pathetic shaming tactics. Even other MGTOW have had their gripes with him. I can understand their complaints and see the merit in their arguments if there is substance. There is nothing here but projection, anger, and bitterness from someone not getting their way. If you can't see the difference, I can't help you there.