Mr Sandman or Mr. Sadman

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 18 Comments

There's no one on earth who knows so many stories as Ole Lukoie-he certainly can tell them!
When night comes on and children still sit in good order around the table, or on their little stools, Ole Lukoie arrives. He comes upstairs quietly, for he walks in his socks. Softly he opens the door, and flick! he sprinkles sweet milk in the children's eyes-just a tiny bit, but always enough to keep their eyes closed so they won't see him. He tiptoes behind them and breathes softly on their necks, and this makes their heads hang heavy. Oh yes! But it doesn't hurt them, for Ole Lukoie loves children and only wants them to be quiet, and that they are only when they have been put to bed. He wants them to be quiet so that he can tell them stories...”
Hans Christian Andersen

Mr. Sandman, comes in the night and makes the children sleep with sweet milk, then he tells us amazing stories, depending on how good we have been... maybe we have been very bad kids, because Mr. Sandman is telling us a horror story now, the story of the evil girls who hunts innocent men to tear them apart!!!.

Oh! I am a girl!! I got caught!! Outside I may look pretty and nice, but beware, oh, guys, I'll rip your heart and your testicles through your wallet, and I'll fry them on boiling oil, and eat them for dinner!! Listen!! My only goal in this world is using men to reproduce and then use your children to take all your money; I feed on your suffering without any remorse!!! Yes, I'm a girl; I'll leave you without money, without kids, without heart... and without testicles...
But hey!!! Don’t fear, poor guys!! Not everything is lost!! There’s a way to defeat this evil witch!! This bitch only attacks blue pill men.... Mr. Sandman has a medicine to keep the witch away, there is an amulet: the red pill. Take the red pill Mr. Sandman sells and know the “truth” about these devils and be safe!!!

Well, Mr. Sandman, or shall I say, Mr. Sadman, this girl has something to say about your story: This is a very simple truth and you don't need any colour pill to get to know it... or if you like colour pills, let's say it's white (mix of all of them). This is my white pill: we women have better things to do than to dry the life out of a man, silly!!.

I am a woman, and I never wanted nor want to marry because I don't like to owe people things. I’m not on sale. I don't want any man giving me advice nor even inviting me to the cinema. If I go out with my friends, I pay. If I'm in a work group with men, I work the most, I don't owe anything to any man, that's a simple rule in my life, I don't need any man, and I don't use any man, period. 
You Sandman, Sadman, you, Lord Hatred, who thinks that I by the mere fact of being a woman, I will peel out your skin and feed your organs to the crows. I don't hate you, I feel so sorry for you. You will never know the happiness many happily married couples know (yeah, they exist, a few but I have seen them)... and I must confess, surely me neither. You, because of your own stupidity. Me, because I never wanted to be judged by people like you. Anyway, as I said, I need no man. And probably you need no woman s well. Big difference is I'm not going round spreading hatred and obsessed with wicked men.

I can only imagine the damage that woman must have caused you, and how wounded you are or were, I am sorry for what she had done to you, I truly am. 

But, this!?, so, if you couldn't be happy with your relationship, no one else can?... you accuse women of manipulate men with their beauty... and you manipulate them with their fears... You came in the night when they are scared, and make them sleep and tell them these horrible stories... why do you want this army of brainwashed boys? so they can make you company in your sad loneliness????

Dude, honest, I feel bad for you Mr. Sadman, I sincerely hope you can find some peace some day in your path, so you can stop this ridiculous war on women, and be free, living and letting others live. 


Here, my friends I give you Mr. Sadman... (did you think I was exaggerating?)