Beauty companies yet to be discovered

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We have so many great companies for beauty from makeup companies to skin care companies. A lot of them have great quality of products for example mac cosmetics they have great quality of lipsticks and other makeup stuff, but their lipsticks are so good if you put them on they will be on your lips for the rest of the day or urban decay they have amazing palettes there is not only about good quality but the design, the colours of those palettes everything is great or lush for example great company for skin care and they are all bio. All those companies and others have one thing is common they all had great ideas and philosophy and I feel they also had passion for beauty  and now they are worldwide famous and also successful. Once upon a time they also were just starting to build they brands and didn't know where it could go or if they would be successful they only hoped for the best and also deep down they knew their ideas were great and probably could be something really big one day and they were right. There are so many companies like these that will be big one day and have big potential, but they are not big yet they still have to build their brand and be discovered. Today I wanted to give little something special and that is those companies who are yet to be discovered, companies in my opinion that have potential and will be big one day. Hope you enjoy this article and if you like some of those you could try their products out:

Joel richy: Is Australian makeup company and the founder of it is Joel Richardson that had philosophy to prove the world with a range of affordable cosmetics that will not be compromised in quality.  The makeup is vegan and there are no animal testing.They sell great makeup from this on picture natural palette to  concealer palette that has great colours that will match your skin and also they have waterproof gel eyeliner great thing to have and you can get it in many colours like pink, purple, blue and more it looks good and I quality is good I know that from reading the reviews or products I haven't tried any of their products yet, but I will. I think joel richy is great place to get a makeup and you should try it. I know you think now I haven't tried the products how can I know if they are good, but sometimes you just know they are good when you see products pictures and also sometimes you need to try new products to know to get it or now and which products are worth trying this one you can decide by reading reviews and checking their webpage and their photos. I feel joel richy is great brand, just looking at this photo and this palette and thinking how great they put together all these colours, they are all natural colours they you can use for everyday makeup but then there are also darker colours that you can use for nightout so it works great. So go to their webpage and check it out and get some great makeup Joelrichy Youtube Channel and Twitter

Profusion cosmetics: they are make up company from California. They have couple of different brands: Profusion, Cranky Girlz and Hot Looks. They are known for their palettes from natural coloured palettes to this palette on photo light fun colours that you can do so much with and they also have palettes with a bit of everything dark, light and edgy colours and also packaging of the palettes and other stuff is amazing, that just makes you want to buy  it. Their palettes are fun you can do a lot with them like this one on photo you can do so many different looks with it. I like that their palettes have different types of colours in one so you can do so many looks of makeup with one palette. They also have great eye shadows kind of glittery and the package is amazing. I love it that their still is very girlie and you know girls like a lot of pink colours and just girls like because it makeup and it is for girls. Friend of mine tried one of their palettes and she said it works very well and she can mix up with a lot of looks and for their prices which is low is has high quality and she also said that for when she puts eyeshadows on her eyes they don't crease and she was happy about it because most brands with low prices have very bad quality so it is good. You guys should check it out and also try out I mean look at this amazing palette on picture so girls go check them out  Profusioncosmetics

Younique: amazing make up company that was founded by Derek and Melanie sister and brother. Their mission is to uplift, empower, and validate women across the globe. Their products are made so women will feel special and will look great, their products are all natural made. Their best sold product is 3D Fiber Lashes is mascara that will give you bigger lashes and pop your eyes and make them look bigger which always looks better, it is looks great when you go out and great for girls who love big lashes. Younique also has great eye shadows with high-density velvety cream with glittery natural colours that you can use on daily base and also at night time, always looking great and easy to use. They also have great lip gloss that will shine your lips with great design and many colours to choose from great for someone who likes wearing shiny lipsticks and you can get at their store also great brushes that is so important great quality, if you are looking for good brushes you should go and get at younique. They also sell collection boxes where you get couple of their products for one price which is great way to save some money. Try their great beauty goodies Youniqueproducts

Lollipop cosmetics: is make up company that sells all kind of make up. From palettes with many colours, their palettes are quiet different they have in some more darker colours and then also little light colours, but also just light colours palettes as well and also big palettes with 120 colours in those you have every colour you can imagine and you can do so many looks. It's great because you can just get that one and then you have all kind of colours and you can use for everyday makeup but also for night and for casual looks or more elegant looks. They don't only have eye shadow palettes but also lipstick palettes from simple three similar colours palettes from big ones with a lot of different colours if you use different lipsticks every day you should try that one out otherwise I would say to get just that palette with view colours. They also have great sets of brushes all kind of brushes you need for your makeup. The quality is great and reviews also very good. Try out some great products LollipopcosmeticsFacebookTwitterYoutube Channel and Instagram

Sapodilla skin care: is skin care company that sells natural skin and hair care products. They got great body butter with different smells like coco chai or sweet rose and it is also natural products, you should get the smell you like the most or first see which you like the most, it is great to take care of you skin and to get your skin softer. They also have different bath salts also coco chai or sweet rose smells this is the best way to relax in your bath when you had stressful day at work or school, great way to relax. Those smells are all great and the products are of high quality and all natural which makes it even better. If you love natural and great smells you should get some of their products and these bath salts so great and amazing try it out trust me you won't regret it Sapodillaskincare,  Facebook and Instagram

Suva beauty: is make up company that sells amazing beauty pro palettes that it is one of kind. It is professional eye shadow palettes with 15 shades of matt. These shades are so unique with great pigmentation that will make your beautiful eyes pop and will always look great. It has darker, little more natural and also edgy colours like pink or blue this one dark blue is going to look great. If you like to play with colour and also love matt totally try it out. I heard only good things about these palettes and I will try them out looking forward to that. Just looking at these photos makes me what to get it, looks great and the quality is also great. It is palette for everyone it has natural colours that people who don't want to over do it put on, then it has those edgy colours that people who love do over do it and be little wild put it on and it has also those normal but not too boring colours. Some new products are coming soon so stay tune and girls go get this amazing palette SuvabeautyFacebookTwitter,  Youtube Channel and Instagram

Curlique beauty: is make up company based in Vancouver. They care diverse products that will make everyone feel special. Their products are incredible lined up of quality makeup. From great lipsticks with pigmented shades with many different colours that will look amazing on your lips, from great hair products that will give your hair great shine. Curlique sells products from different great companies all over the world from makeup to hair products. Check them out and try these great products Curliquebeauty

Britishcurlies: is beauty company that sells hair products. They sell hair products from shampoo to conditioners and other from great companies. Shampoo with great quality that will give you volume and that will give your hair great advantages. I also love how most of the brands have great packages a lot like vintage style. You can also get great oils for hair and for skin care with high quality. They only sell good and high quality products. Girls amazing products so go and check this out as well BritishcurliesFacebookTwitter and Instagram

Nanshy: is make up company that sell cruelty free and high quality make up. Their make up brushes are so unique and they maintain contently fabulous, they work quickly and efficiently. These brushes are only good for your face as well as your make up great way to add some makeup on your face are these brushes. People can only say good things about them, because they are so good from quality to effect everything is amazing and it works well with any beautiful face. Nanshy also has great makeup blending sponge and is great to cover smaller areas that is hard to reach. Girls I think this brand is great these brushes are great so amazing and the best quality so make sure to check it out here Nanshy 

Great products aren't they? I think all of those companies are doing amazing job and have great products and they are all unique in their own way. Every company has something special that defines them and they are not copying anyone just looking to be special and I love that about them. Those companies will be successful and big one day, because they are unique. Girls check these products out and try it out don't be afraid to try it out, trust me these are worth trying on. Did you find any of these companies interesting? 

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