Dream bag: 10 bags every woman dreams of having

Saturday, April 18, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Let's be honest we love bags it doesn't matter if it is handbag, clutch or some other type of bag. We are always buying some bags from cheap knock off to expensive and the most unique bags. We just keep buying them because their are essentials for every outfit and we need it for outfit to look even better. We really love bags, but mostly we adore, dream about and we want to have those designers bags that will make our outfit look so much better and we would also own something unique. Every woman dreams about owning some kind of designer bag, it is just in our habit. It is not always possible to have especially when you are only around 15 and doesn't suit to have one and also it is too expensive for a 15 year old to be wearing. But we always keep it in our mind and do anything to get it. I got my first Louis Vuitton bag when I was 18 and it was the most amazing thing I have ever gotten, it felt so good. I wanted an original louis vuitton bag every since I was a little girl and I still have it and wear it all the time and it makes all of my outfits look better. Designer bags gives your outfit that charm that all other bags can't give. Designers bags are great, but not all of them and worth purchasing you have to be careful if it suits your style and also if has good features and it won't look that good with any of your outfits and the main reason we buy designers bags is because we want to be able to mix up that great bag with any outifit. It would be bad to buy expensive designer bag and after not being that great after all that is why I made a list of my top 10 dream bags that you will love and will never regret buying it:

Givenchy: this amazing handbag is called antigona leather satchel bag and how freaking good does this beauty look??? It is quiet simple, but also will make your outfit look so freaking good. It has a lot of space as you can see and you could wear it with anything from denim look with maybe so cute high heels to elegant cocktail dress look. This one is though for people who wear more elegant looks. With this beauty you can put a lot of colours because the bag is black 

Chanel: this right here is my one and only true love, but honestly it was love at first sight when I saw it, I said you will be mine one day and this hottie is called by name of chanel boy bag. I love that they made in kind of vintage this channel sigh so it makes it unique and very retro, but seriously with this bag anything goes you can even wear it with pretty casual look like with sweater or when you go to gym, but it looks amazing with some girlie summer dress and some sandals and it is so worth buying it.

Louis Vuitton: this bag is different from others, because I actually own this one and I love it and it is called you probably know but I will say it anyways neverfull it does make sense since it is so big and it will never be full. It is great it has so much space I put so much stuff when I wear it and wear it with casual denim look like jeans and some simple top, or bit elegant with some blazer or also looks great with beach look some casual dress or skirt and it is perfect for beach because it has a lot of space enough to put all of your beach goodies.

  CĂ©line: what an elegant bag and it is called celine boston great name isn't it? Great way to wear this great bag is with some stylish coat. This bag will make any outfit look elegant and unique you can wear some black pants with elegant top or if you are feeling like going for casual look put some jeans on and maybe little top with some great details and you can do a lot with this bag.  This bag is great to make a casual look, look more elegant

Prada: this stylish and beautiful bag is called prada twin. It is great bag and it has a lot of space, so if you are out the whole day you should think about getting this one because it is perfect to put all of your essentials in it. Great way to mix up outfit with this beauty is go little darker and put together some great stylish pieces and it looks great with high heels as well.

Valentino: this pretty valentino va va voom bag is trendy and some of great fashion bloggers are wearing this great bag. This bag is kind of like clutch and you can wear on you shoulder. You can wear it with some boyfriends jeans and high heels this way it would be casual but with this bag it will look more elegant and stylish. It is also great with simple cocktail dress or any dress and high heels I think this bag looks great with high heels, but you can also mix with some boots or any other shoes. It depends on look you are going for.

D&G: what elegant and stylish bag how cute is it? I love it and this beauty is called nathalie saddle bag great name for an amazing bad. This bag you can wear on your shoulder as well on your hands which gives you more option for styling your outfit with it. If you would wear it on shoulder totally go with casual look like some denim stuff and simple details but if you wear it in your hands go more with elegant look you can all do all black look would be great with it. If you would wear on shoulder you can also go with elegant look, but I think it looks better with more casual look.

Chanel: first time I saw this bag was on a woman I saw in the city and I thought wow that is great bag and I am so obsessed with this bag. It is very elegant and very chanel like. This bag would be great in summer with some cute maxi skirt with colours like blue, pink or even green some light colours to edge up because the bag is black. You can also go with more casual looks with this bag or even business like with some blazer.

Marc Jacob: another great bag that you can wear on your hands and also on shoulder. With this look you can do elegant but also casual just not too casual maybe jeans in black not in blue for sure not and also some simple tops with one colours that look elegant and some elegant shoes.

Hermes: I think everyone knows these hermes bag very elegant bag and you got to work for your outfit with this bag. That means you got to be careful what to wear with this bag. When you want to wear jeans you need also high heels with this bag some higher as well and also some stylish jacket like some great details or also just simple top would be great. See what looks great but if you love elegant look you should think about getting this one great investment. 

So girls what will be your first choice? For me for sure these both chanel bags and the givenchy is also killer. This bags are so great you can mix up so many things with these great bags you can go with elegant more casual look, so other looks, these bags make it difference they give your outfit that charm it needs. Every girl should have one of these dreamy bags and I am sure you'll get yours one day. These bags are just the best and the bet investment. Hope had fun looking at these beautiful bags.