Neon it: 10 neon clothing pieces

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Neon is such a great type of colours isn't it? wearing neon to your outfit can have a lot of advantages: if the outfit is too dark it can brighten a bit, feel like your outfit is too boring also add some neon piece to it or just feel like looking little wild do it add a lot of neon. Sometimes it is good to add neon, just not too much only if you are at some kind of crazy party or even neon party we also got those these days. Neon can really help your outfit be more fun, and even be unique. I love wearing neon coloured dress with some darker items that looks so good, because the main focus is the dress your outfit does seem very bright even with dark items and it perfect for summer festivals, or I love wearing dark jeans with neon top looks very unique trust me try that out if you can. I think neon is colour of uniqueness and that colour is already unique that you don't have to put too much details into your outfit to look good. Neon is such a summer colour though I wear also in winter a lot, because I feel so sad of cold weather and dark days that I need brightness in my life. Neon is just so awesome and it's great to have view clothing items in neon colour for summer so I put together view great neon clothing pieces you might like them.

Nagsia skirt: look at this amazing skirt it just looks amazing I love it. These high wested skirts are great and it looks great with this black top as I said the neon brighten the rest of the outfit and it does with this one too you can get this great skirt at missguided

Twisted circle dress: such an amazing dress and let me just tell you neon pink is great colour you can mix it up with a lot of things with this colour even bright colours would go like you could wear light coloured clutch and you can get it at 

Siny nylon tricot leggings: let me just tell you I am freaking in love with those I have one of them in this colour and I wear them all the time, I mean look at this beautiful colour and the great thing about this sessy crazy leggings is you can wear them with anything it depends on what look you are going for, if you like to have just little brightness in your outfit add white shirt if you want to get little crazy add some other neon colours just be careful what colour you choose maybe a bit lighter than this one and guess where you can get these sessy pants americanapparel

Katia romper: if you want to shine up your blonde hair this is the way. Yellow neon colour really can brighten your outfit and make look so interesting and elegant and just bring out your beautiful eyes and your hair and all of your great features. With this neon colour you do have to go with darker colour because it really the type of neon coloured that can't afford any more light or bright colours and you can get this one at whitefoxboutique

Tieback cami: wow look at this top in way very casual but also elegant, and such a great colour. As you can see great with hotpants and you can mix it up with darker colours just not too dark like black and you can get this great top at lyst

Gem necklace: this necklace is so simple that can make any outfit look good it would look great with an elegant look like for example with little black dress and some cute high heels for an fancy dinner and you can get this great necklace at 2020ave

Supreme swing cami: trendy neon orange coloured cami that would look great with any shorts or even black or white pants, it looks very girlie and elegant. This cami features a partially exposed back and fastens at the rear with button closure. You can get this trendy cami at hunteddreams

450 barbie: omg I can't get enough how awesome this hotpants are, look at this neon colour so great and bright very happy colour. You can rock this hotpants in summer with some cute top with maybe all starts I wouldn't put too much accessories to outfit with these hotpants because they are already kind of like accessories I mean look at it and guess where you can get these great hotpants runwaydreamz

Block neoprene swimwear: sessy neon coloured and very trendy swimwear, also features removable and adjustable it can be worn strapless. You can rock this swimwear with your great tan this summer looks good in sea you can get it at dreammonstar

Eugenie party cut out: great for night out this neon blue dress that can be mixed up with anything. I would say with this colour mix up some lighter colours because this one is more darker colour looks great with some cute high heels and you can get this amazing dress at modlook29

This were 10 great clothing pieces in neon colour I really liked and I hope you did too. I feel every pieces in this article can be mix up with some great stuff and can look so good. They can be in way casual as well as elegant and the colours as well as pieces are great and have great quality so try it out and have fun.