Pastel colours clothes for summer

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These pastel colours always look it doesn't if it is summer or spring. This season these colours are in and it is something must have for spring/summer. Pastel colours are very light colours, colours of flowers and natural colours and if you do wear clothes in pastel you should mix it up with a bit darker colours maybe some accessories or like jacket anything. Outfit with only pastel colours would look too boring it doesn't have to be it might look good see how it looks, but it nice to put some noticeable colours in your outfit with these pastel colours. Because these colours are in this season I found some great clothes for you to wear in these colours:

Rafaela top: from Beginningbutique and it cost 38 dollars. As you can see on this picture it looks great with some shorts and you can wear it with casual outfit as well as with elegant out with

Karissa playsuit apricot: from Whitefoxboutique and it cost 23 dollars. I like this playsuit it is very girlie and you can wear them with some cute sandals and mix it up with some accessories.

Baby pink pleated skort: from Lookbookstore and it costs 24 dollars. I love skorts they can be practical as well as stylish. This skort is very stylish and you could wear it with some denim items like jeans jacket or cute blazer and some simple shirt. 

Lilla/Ermelos v hals jumsuit: from Americandreams and it cost 85 dollars. This jumpsuit has such a great colour doesn't he? Very summer like and casual you could wear it for night out with your girls or just casual lunch it can be elegant as well casual it depends what you wear with it. 

Swirl home skirt print: from Peppermayo and costs 38 dollars. What a great combo of many pastel colours and it is comfy and casual skirt. You could wear it for the beach with some sandals or maybe some lunch and you could mix it up with some accessories and you should wear one coloured shirt with it like white shirt would be great.

The raleigh mini skirt iced blue scuba: from Dreammonstar and it costs 43 dollars. Such an elegant skirt you can wear with some high heels and it is great for summer. You could wear it for some fun dinners.

Mitzi maxi skirt: from Dissh and it costs 38 dollars. These maxi skirt look great with boots or sandals and you can mix it up to it looks both elegant and stylish. I would mix up this skirt with some natural colours

Halter top w/ cutouts: from Shopwagw and it costs 8 dollars. This top looks great with jeans or some leggings. I would wear this top for something more fancy, you don't want to wear this beautiful dress with jeans and some sneakers if won't look good. Keep it simple with this top and some pretty shoes like high heels would look great.

Sweet surprise: from 1015store and it costs 60 dollars. This dress is so girlie you can mix it up with some cute flats or high heels would also work and it is perfect for cocktail party and you can put a leather jacket with it or denim to edge up the look.

Crochet tassel fringed shorts large: from 2020ave and it costs 20 dollars. Such a stylish shorts love it and what an amazing colour. It is great for fancy events or just lunch at the restaurant. Wear it with simple items and mix it up and see how it looks. 

Women's lydia classic bottom shell: from 80spurple and it costs 48 dollars. Such a great natural coloured swimwear with these fringed details, these are in style at the moment. You will look great with this swimwear on beach with some badass sunglasses.

First date top: from Loversandfriends and it costs 98 dollars. Such an interesting top, with view pastel colours. You could wear with natural coloured pants or shorts even skirt but I would wear tight skirt with this shirt.

This was choice of pastel coloured clothes for the summer. You can have fun with these clothes and mix them up with a lot of items and like I said more darker items because pastel colours are light they need something to edge them up. Pastel it is so light and they go in elegant direction it is more then for night outs or dinners but it really depends on what you are wearing with it. Just try out and see what you like the best. Do you like pastel colours? What items from this article do you like the most? How do you wear pastel colours? 


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