Skin care routine

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Beauty is not only about makeup and just looking at first look good. Girls also need to care of our skin and that means face, hair, and your whole body. It is ugly if a girl wears makeup with unhealthy skin, we need to take care of our skin. There are so many skin care products you can buy, it depends on your skin type which to buy and you always have to try new once to see there are better it is, every time I got to buy skin care products I always get one new product to try out. Girls can you guess what I am going to show you today: skin care routine yeah those are always fun aren't they? I'll show you today my lovely ladies what I use and maybe if you like some you can try them out and let me know after how you like them

Face: this is alverde face water and it is made from rose flowers and it smells great and is refreshing to your face. I use in in the morning and in the evening to wash all the dirt from my face. This water was made by natural material and it's is bio product

Face: this is another face water that I wash up my face with it smell like refreshing water and it is typical face water from nivea. I sometimes you this one and sometimes the alverde one.

Body: I just have to say I am in love with all of dove's deodorants they all smell so amazing, but lately I have been using this one it's smell of pomegranate and lemon verbena scent, but also love the one with lemon smell and of course other, but sometimes I try out some new once but always come back to dove

Body: this great body lotion is from bodyshop and I used it after the shower through this lotion my skin becomes more softer and healthier. This lotion contain babassu oil from Brazil and has very good smell 

Hair: this is lotion for hair from schwarzkopf it gives your hair extra volume and helps your hair get softer and also protects your hair from heat damages from hair dryer

Hair: this is another hair lotion I use from L'oréal that gives your hair volume and make your hair shine even more I used this one also before I dry my hair

Hair: this is also hair lotion I know a lot of hair products, but I want my hair to look perfect and these are good once. This one is not like the others and makes your hair glossy and silky I use this one after I have dried my hair, but I don't use all of them at the same time it depends if I want my hair to look really good and I am going somewhere special I use both the lotion that gives me volume and this one

Body: this is alverde body milk that has smell of cocoa butter hibiscus and only contains natural material and it is an bio because alverde only produces bio products. This one you can use during the shower or even after it is great and very healthy for your body it makes your skin softer and better

 Body: self-tanning lotion and you can only guess what this does it is helping you get darker and tanner, good thing about alverde being bio brand is that you won't have to think about if there are so unhealthy and very bad chemicals in it. I don't use this one as much I actually just bought it view weeks ago to try it out, it is suppose to help you get tanner, but be careful it won't protect you from sun so you need to get sun creme for that. You can put this one until you reached this wanted colour.

 Hair: Healing oil treatment from macadamia and this oil contains two of the world's rarest oils and helps your dry and unhealthy hair if that's your case be more softer and healthier and also gives your hair little sine and it is always good for your hair. I use it when I have dried hair or also when I feel my hair doesn't look that good 

Hands: this is night creme from alverde and you can use that in the evening for your hands but you can use it for other parts of your body even your hair. This creme has smell of wild rose and it is good for dry skin

Hands: this is carrot creme for natural shaded skin and it is also another bio product from lavera. It is good for everyday use and it is for hands but you can also use on your arms and legs

 Body: this is another body lotion, but it is from alverde and it made with olive aloe vera. I use this one after shower it is good for moisture and good for skin

Hair: conditioner from John Friede and it is great for overused hair to get more healthier. It also gives an extra volume. I use it when I wash my hair after I used shampoo

Hair: this is hairspray for volume from balea, it is great when you are in hurry and no time to wash your hair for your hair to look good and the effect lasts 24 hours which is great for nightout

Body: shimmer lotion from bodyshop that has smell of fresh berry. It contains cranberry seeded oil snd shea butter. I use this after the bath and it is used for shimmer glow on your body. And I have to tell you guys it smells so good and has even glitters on

Face: this is eye makeup remover that only contain natural materials. This is used to remove your makeup on your eyes it is good for your skin because everything is natural

Body: this is body butter that help your body maintain soft and healthy. This butter is made with roses and I used it after the shower like body lotion or milk. I don't use everything at once I also change always the products I use after bath. This one is also great for dry body 

Hair: this is the shampoo I most of the time use it is L'oréal and I have to tell you it smells so amazing love it and it has even glitters. It gives your hair volume and gloss, and your hair will smell amazing after

Hair: this is conditioner that is the same as my shampoo I fell in love with shampoo that I had to get the conditioner as well and I love them and they workout great with my hair though sometimes I use others but mostly I use these. This is good to repair your hair and make her more soft and even healthier

Body: this is shower creme from alverde, it has fresh smell and you use when you shower on your whole body give your body little shine and soften your body with it. It is great I am happy with it you should try it out.

This is big part of my skin care products and I hope you enjoyed reading about it. I though feel like my skin care products change very often and I always find some better products and I don't use every product every day but it is important to use all of those products for your body to be healthier and even softer. And you need to smell good, you need to be looking good at any time a day. What skin care products do you use? Have any suggestions write below we are happy about any suggestions