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Bags are very important when it comes to outfit and we also have to keep up with bags latest trends to be trendy. This summer we got some amazing bags from fringes bag to some great shoulder business like bags with some great colours. Have you noticed that a lot of bags that are in this season are with fringes we just got to love em don't we? Even thought expensive bags are nice to have and great accessory to your outfit there are expensive and some of you can't afford it and even though the expensive bag makes your outfit look amazing cheap and affordable bags can do that too. You can get some great bag from forever21 that looks great and then put together an outfit with it and it will also look trendy. So for today's article I thought why not show you some trendy bags for summer that are from your favourite shops like forever21 that are affordable and also very in at the moment

Faux leather fringe crossbody: I am so in love with this on shoulder fringe bag, but thought it feels like it can also be like clutch. It is so girly and trendy you can wear it with some denim short and crop top some sandals just keeping it simple and that would be like casual look but you can wear for some fancy dinner with white jeans and strapy heels it would look amazing and then you can put some cute cami great for summer because of the hot weather and the heat  forever21

Washed imitation leather backpack: these leather backapacks have been in this season and they are just perfect for spring and summer you can take them when you go on beach with your friends or do picnic or when you are exploring the city they are practical and you can put a lot of stuff in them. There are not only practical but also trendy you can wear them with some cute denim shorts and basic top with all starts or you can go more classy and also wear it with some nice jeans and some blouse and that's why I love this backpack you can also be elegant with it and this backpack is from bershka

Shake-Effect Holdall Bag: this bags is great for some stylish outfit and it is great because you can put a lot of stuff in it and I love the colour it is not quiet white but something between and that's great because white bags first get so fast dirty and second they it's not easy to put outfit with them. This bags is great with some sandals it doesn't matter if they are heels or just normal sandals if you want to be more classy get some nice leather jeans or white jeans and maybe roll them a bit up and then get nice blouse or blazer and there you go it is quiet classy and if you feel like being more casual get some cool ripped denim jeans and some basic top or crop top and then but some cute accessories and sandals and you can get it at topshop

 Slanted bar clutch: clutches are for me such unique bags and it is just pure class with them. Here we have some great black clutch with cold slanted bar details that just gives this black clutch the edge that it needs and you can totally look classy with this clutch get some nice dress and maybe cool jacket and here you go and add some cool accessories with it or you can also wear some ripped boyfriend jeans and strapy heels and add to it some cool cami to be more classy and you have amazing outfit and you can get this classy clutch at asos

 Combined city bag with buckle: we have been boring with these black and white bags so now we got some nice red coloured bag and this one reminds we of the celine bag of course that one is way more expensive than this beauty. I think they made it so classy and the colour makes this bag even more better I think when you want to mix things a little up you need some strong colours. Now the question is how to wear it? Well because this colour is bright you don't want to over do it with more bright colours you can for example wear black jeans with ripped on knees those are quiet in this season and get nice blouse for example it can be either black or white and you can wear some necklace and there you can add some more colours and then shoes I think pointed toe heels would be so amazing with this bag because the bag is also classy and these shoes as well it would be perfect match and you can get this beauty at zara

Reporting for duty handbag: this bag is great for summer kind of little black bag something that is great without any accessory but of course when you have bag you need also you clothes on and I also wanted to say that I love how simple this bag is and just has this golden details that suits great with everything. As you can see on this picture wearing white ripped jeans an strapy heels with this one looks great and you can add to it some oversized shirt and tuck it in the jeans this is great mix between casual and classy looks you can also wear this bag with some cool denim jeans you can do casual just not too casual with this one it has to contain some classy items as well and this super bag is from lulus

We got some great bags for the summer from just simple clutches to classy bags that will look great with anything you wear and also looking as amazing as any expensive bag and you don't even have to have any expensive item in your closet. With these amazing bags you can put together just simple pieces and they will look amazing and most of them will be great use for you in the summer and you really have fun with those always being unique and looking absolutely amazing and just being stylish. Hope you enjoyed this article if you liked it let us know we might do the part two of this one 

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I love backpacks. I reallly need to check this one out at Bershka!
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