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It's finally May guys and I just love this months one because in May the weather is amazing and May means it's officially spring I mean technically springs starts in April but the weather in April is mostly not spring like isn't it? At least in Switzerland it so just always weird weather bit rainy and cloudy weather which I don't like but May that the months where there are a lot of sunny days and also in May in my birthday which I am always happy about maybe not about getting older but because of all the joy and present and it is just always nice to have birthday. How do you guys feel about your birthday? Comment below. Anyways because the May is official spring month I put together spring essentials for you that you will need this spring from fashion to beauty and more

 Sunglasses: sunglasses are must have for spring because you need it for sun and also they make your outfit look better always cute you can get pair of raybans that are great or just some cheap from forever21 or any other store

Self tanning sun cream: spring that also means sun and you need to protect your skin from sun so you need sun cream and this cream comes handy because it doesn't only protect your skin it helps you get a tan and better find a cream that is a spray because it works better than cream 

 Hats: hats that always look cute with any outfit and hat like this one on the picture you can wear it in different ways and it is very handy for a bad hair day

Tumbler: when you are on go and you are outside the whole day you will need one of these tumbler cups that you will put either water of some cold drink to refresh you from warm weather you can get them at starbucks or any department store that are probably bit cheaper

Ebook: these ebooks are very handy if you go to the beach with your friends and are relaxing great time to spend your free time and also if you are at lunch also quiet great to keep you busy you can order them on amazon or ebay

Music: it's spring time that means you need to create your spring playlist for beach with your friends or any spring parties one of the best places to create your own playlist in sportify and you can also find there great ideas for playlist and if you love listening to music you need to get yourself some great headphones to listen to your music by yourself

Wirless speaker: great way to listen to the music with your friends are these ue boom box you can listen to your music on the beach with your friends and with good quality you can also get some cheaper speaker these are a bit expensive

Dray shampoo: this dry shampoo is great when you don't have time to wash your hair but also when it is hot and your hair gets also sweaty to put it on and get your hair a bit fresh and make your hair shine

Makeup spray: when it is hot weather and you get all sweaty this makeup spray is great to keep your makeup fresh and also to stay the whole day when you are on go the whole day you can get at urbandecy, sephora or any makeup store

Waterproof mascara: this waterproof mascara is amazing because in spring when it's warm and you get all sweaty it won't be all over your face it will just stay where it is

Shoes: for spring you need to get yourself some cute sandals and flat because they are so comfy and also look cute in any outfit and also for spring you can get them at any of your favourite stores like forever21, bershka, topshop, zara and more another reason to go shopping

Bronzer: bronzer is just another must have for spring you need it for your makeup to look fresh and also your face to look skinny and beautiful and I bet you have one of those and if not go to sephora you will find there some good once

Eyeshadow: for spring matte eyeshadow is perfect because it will apply the best for this weather and also use some natural colours you don't want to look like you have too much makeup with these colours it will look great you can get them at any makeup store at sephora you will sure find it or for more ideas check this out Eyeshadow. P.S we will soon doing a makeup tutorial on our youtube channel to stay tune

Sneaks: when you are on go and have no time to make something or you are going on beach with your friends just take some fruits great way to refresh yourself and also it's healthy

Dresses: maxi dresses are great for spring they are very comfy and you can mix them up with anything and always look cute pick up some maxi dress with pastel colours or with flowers that is very spring 

 Drinks: flavoured water it's great way to refresh yourself it has great taste you just need water and cute some of your favourite fruits and put in the water and that is it you got amazing drink

Nail polish: because it's spring you will need some bright colours nail polishes like neon colours or pink any bright colours it will look great on your nails.

Camera: these polaroids cameras are great you can take picture with your friends and make some great memories and these are great because they are in some great spring colours so totally get one of those and I don't think they are that expensive I think they are around 100 dollars 

Great stuff aren't they, these are just very handy and will help you in many ways in spring and also keep you fresh and cute. This time I didn't do much about fashion more general but I will also do article just about fashion essentials and also make sure to check out our youtube channel because we will be doing similar video. I



Artdicted 2 said...

Rainy and cloudy in Germany, too! My birthday is in March. I wear bronzer all over the year as I'm pale like a ghost (;

oh you poor thing , try this trick when at the beach use little of olive and sesame oil all over you body even face it will help you tan and also provide sun protection as well.

I can't live without Batiste and I've wanted one of those Pentax cameras for ages. Lovely list!
Vix Meldrew

Yeah those cameras are pretty cool I think you can get them at amazon and ebay for low prices and thanks :)