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Sunday, June 14, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 2 Comments

Yesterday I went to the city with my friend and had some coffee and it was very nice to catch up with her. The weather way very strange though it was very warm but cloudy not usual for summer, but I live in Switzerland so I am used to that. One day it's raining and other day it is very hot so in Switzerland you never know how weather is going to be like. So because it was warm I wore my flip flops and just crop top with light jacket but because it looked cloudy I didn't want to wear skirt or shorts so I wore light floral trousers that I am in love with and totally summer like. When I bought them I thought they might not be that good but they look amazing and I just put little details on and outfit looks great. I here is what I wore yesterday with my floral trousers

So now let me tell you where I got all of these pieces:
Black flip flops from Ipanema| Floral trousers from Stradivarius| Black jacket from Manor| Crop top from Pull&Bear| Fringe black bag from H&M| Sunglasses from Rayban| Watch from MicealKors

As you can see I put together little casual girly outfit and girly because of the floral trousers. I put together with this great floral trousers black crop top because the trousers also have black background so it was nice fit but I could wear top in any colour or maybe colours of the flowers and then I took this kind of old black jacket that is over washed and is not too dark so it wouldn't be too dark and it also kind of looks like retro jacket which is cool and great mix to this outfit. Next to all of these I also got some nice little accessories and that is this fringe black handbag that I wear a lot and has become my favourite handbag I love it, it has enough space and it looks great with anything because it's black and black goes with anything and then I wore my rayban blue sunglasses to mix it up and give this outfit light because of all of the black pieces  it needed some bright colour and I thought why not put this amazing sunglasses and then of course I needed to keep track of the time I had to put on my micheal kors watch. I was surprised how great this outfit ended up because I thought this trousers were totally fail when I bought them but I gave a try and as you can see they ended up so amazing. What I am trying to say with this is that a clothing pieces that seem to be totally ugly and probably won't fit with anything can end up being amazing so try them out before you judge them. If you enjoy our look articles let us know and write comment below so we can post more fun looks.

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Nakedlydressed xx


Artdicted 2 said...

I love your outfit & these floral trousers are soo pretty!
Nati xx

Thanks a lot Nati :) btw I love your blog you always write great articles keep doing what you are doing