Outfit ideas for birthday celebration

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

I have planning to this article for a while now but I was quiet busy so I didn't have time to do it. The reason I wanted to do this article is because in may it was my birthday and I also noticed that a lot of people that I know have in May and June birthdays so that is the best time to do this kind of article. You are probably planning some nice night out with your friends when you have birthday and you need to get dressed up first it's your birthday and second when you go out it always good to look amazing but sometimes I have trouble deciding what to wear it is like hard to choose the perfect outfit for birthday celebration isn't it? I put together view outfits for you and give you ideas what to wear it doesn't have to be the same as mine you can play around and see what you like the most

Elegant look: this first look is more elegant look for kind of fancy club kind of celebration. I have this simple black dress from H&M and she is actually very simple and you can wear it with casual looks but then I have this blazer on that makes difference. I love these elegant blazers so fancy and I got it at Zara you can always find some elegant blazers at zara and then I got my red heeled sandals to brighten the look which makes me even more elegant and for accessories I choose simple black on shoulder clutch and gold headband from zara this headband is quiet special and I feel like it suits  great with the whole outfit. If you are feeling like being elegant but still stylish and you might be going to some fancy club totally wear something like this

Girly & edgy look: this look is girly look but because of the leather jacket a bit edgy. I wore my beautiful cream coloured pants that I am so in love with and I got them in H&M very surprised though that they make such a beautiful pants with this beautiful pants I put my orange crop top because that suits great with the cream colour and nice to have bright colour. Because it's girly look I needed to put my favourite floral strapy platforms that I love and they are so comfy and because everything is so girly and needed to mix things little bit up and put my black leather jacket on. This is also great look for club or some bar and if you don't want you don't have to take any bag because outfit like this is enough good without any accessories or you can put some earrings on. If you are celebrating with your girls in girly way you should wear something like this you will look fabulous in it 

Casual look: this one is a casual look if you are just going to some local bar or hanging out with friends at home you don't need to look too fancy. Here we got simple black sleeveless dress from H&M they have amazing simple dress and they are quiet cheap then I put this pink blouse from Bershka to give outfit a colour and with this I wore this glittery sneakers that are a bit fancy so make this outfit interesting and of course we need little bag with that and I choose this little clutch you can also wear some handbag and also you can put some earring and you can also have dress on without this blouse. This is great outfit to wear for a casual celebration 

Edgy look: for the last look I choose an edgy look and I love this look even though it is a bit too dark it looks so amazing don't you agree? First I put just basic black shirt but if you are feeling like you need more colour to this outfit you can wear some colourful tops then I took this leather skirt that I am so in love with and it's from H&M I think or maybe Bershka I bought it like two years ago anyways and I tucked my top into the skirt and then I wore my floral strapy platforms and you can see I also have cute simple earring and shoulder clutch. I think even though it might be too dark it looks great because it is edgy look if it is too dark it's not a big deal and we got this floral platforms that give this outfit a bit of light. This outfit you can also wear for a club or any bars. You can wear it for more casual places as well as more fancy so with this outfit you'll be sure you are wearing right outfit for right place

For birthday celebration you need to be special because it's your special day but that doesn't mean you need a lot of details and a lot of work for your outfit just put some simple pieces from your closet and that it. You can mix up some girly pieces with your punk leather jacket and you will look amazing or you can totally look casual and then you can put some fun accessories and that you'll look stylish and very fancy for clubbing. I hope I inspired you and I hope you'll look amazing on your birthday if you have birthday soon please take picture of your outfit and send us I would love to see my girls being all trendy and cute for their special day. Also keep hashtagging nakedlydressedsummer for more fun summer articles and also share your summer experiences with us. 

Nakedlydressed xx