The Greenscape dawn swimwear collection

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Summer is here and it's getting hot so that means it's time for beach. Now we will spend all of our free time at the beach it doesn't matter if we are going to holiday or just to local beach. We girls will be some cute swimwear for beach because you can't go to the beach without a cute swimwear and you can't wear these from last year that is not good at all. For a while I have been obsessed with Maajis brand who is know for their amazing and super trendy swimwear they released their latest swimwear collection called the greenscape dawn and this collection is all about floral and all cute stuff and every piece looks amazing. I went through their whole collection and view pieces caught my eye and I wanted to share these amazing piece with you. They are so unique and very girly and you girls will look amazing in them

Bearberry panda: first how cute is this name of this bandeau bikini. As you can see this bandeau bikini has floral kind of orange print. The top is great because in the back you can lace it up with looks so cute and this floral print makes it even cuter and you can see on the back this the colour is a bit different then forward and that also makes it unique it kind of has two sides so you will look amazing in this one and even better when you are tanned

Cinnamon & Rosemary: this one has suspenders that makes him special. As you can see on top this swimwear has three suspenders on each side and then it turns into triangle in back which look great. The top of this swimwear is kind like bra and the print is also floral with different colours. If you bikini but want something more different check this one out 
 Beech beach: here we have a blue swimwear a colour of the sea and great colour for the summer. Here we have floral print going on with these blue lines which high lights the floral print and makes it more clear we have top with v cut and middle sized suspenders with blue colour and also the line under the top is blue as well and then we have underwear that are also underlined by this blue line and back you see this one is made in bra style. If you are going to some exotic place this swimwear would be perfect fit for this place

True blue rubrik: here we have just simple blue coloured bandeau bikini with no floral prints. This one reminds be little bit on the famous Australian triangl bikini because they also have these black lines on their bikinis. As you can see this is bandeau bikini and on top we have blue colour that is underlined by this black line in circle and then in centre and up from the blue colour we have neon yellow colour that is topping the blue colour when we look back we now just see the neon yellow colour that you can lace up the underwear is the same just there is only one black line that goes around the underwear. If you have some upcoming pool parties this bikini would be perfect it very simple but you will still look great in it

Pineapple apple: now we are moving on to yellow swimwear and this one has v cut top with tinny suspenders that you can lace up in back and make it cute bow or something like that. Te print is again very interesting kind of floral thing and has different prints back and forward. If you are going to some fancy beach bar and need to be cute and trendy I suggest you to get this one 

Mambo bamboo: this swimwear is very unusual because when you would want to tan it would end up very weird but I think it looks very great and it is bit crazy. As you can see we have layered yellow top with little holes in it and it has little v cut but not totally and it is kind of crop top and back is bit shorter than forward. The underwear is a bit different forward we have kind of blue floral print and it is underlined with yellow line that goes around the whole underwear and back we have yellow floral print. This one might not be perfect for tanning but you can wear it for some night pool party or for occasions where you now you won't be tanning 

Blossom crits: here we have super cute bandeau bikini in pink colour. This one is a bit different bandeau than normal bandeau on the top we have layer that is up from the top and it is in floral print when the top has just some simple pink print and in back you can lace the top up and makes it super cute. The underwear have two different prints in back and forward it makes things interesting. This bikini is more fancy so if you have some special even you should wear this one 

Brink blink: and for last one we have classic bikini. First we have just simple triangle top with tinny suspenders and in back as well the print on top and underwear forward is the same is something with black and orange and it is floral print and then in back the underwear have different print it is also floral something with pink and the underwear are underlined by the orange line and it makes the floral print more clear and nicer. This bikini is perfect for tanning when you go beach to chill out and get darker this bikini is perfect for it

Maaji as you can see has something for everyone for different occasions but they are in similar and they love this floral print. I guess it makes these amazing swimwear more girly  and I am not sure I mentioned but Maaji is a Colombian company this one is for my girl Diana aka Di because she is Colombian. Anyways their swimwear look so unique and they really are and you will look so great in them and you will feel special and the best thing is that they are not even that expensive maybe 20 dollars for a pair which is totally good price. This article is also nakedlydressedsummer article so guess keep tweeting us and instragramming us your summer experiences with this hashtag we will love to hear about it and might mention that with this hashtag it might be some giveaways so if you are hashtagging it might be lucky to get something special. Hope you enjoyed this one 

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