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I recently came across very awesome online store on twitter and I just fell in love with their stuff that I needed to write about it and express my excitement with you guys. So as you can see from title the store is called beach so chic which I find super and they sell amazing temporary jewellery tattoos. You probably seen those golden tattoos they became bit hit at coachella and are still pretty popular. This is perfect time to wear these tattoos for beach parties or any summer even even these music festivals and they will look amazing with your summer outfits. They look great and the prices are pretty good and here are these amazing tattoos everyone is loving at the moment and you can check this tattoos out and buy them here or just click any of the photos I linked all of the photos to make easier for you to get to this webpage and also make sure to check out another stylish clothing store here

  Bondi beach: this bondi beach collection has a lot of tattoos in shape of circle like these dream catchers in blue and silver and gold and also those lines tattoos with little circles and the theme for this collection is mainly circles and I love also these blue once as well great mix with gold and silver 

Maya bay: this is another great collection called maya bay this one has more triangles and those necklace tattoos that you can put around your arms and will look absolutely amazing very chic and I love these golden and silver tattoos they have great effect when you are wearing swimsuits it just looks even better with these tattoos

 Paradise beach: now this one is Indian styles with these tattoos necklaces and their styles and these elephants tattoos totally Indian style and all crazy tattoos and we love them. This gold colour will high light your tan as well and you will look even more tan with this one 

  Pink sands: this one contains mostly these necklace tattoos with different styles from very small simple to these big circles necklaces that will look great for any summer even from beach party to clubbing at the beach in the evening where you can get as crazy as you want to

South beach: this collection has a bit of everything from some fun sun tattoos and dream catchers to different styles of necklaces tattoos. These tattoos are great for anything in the summer, it says be free spirited and put different tattoos anywhere you want because it's summer time and that is where you can let go and just do all kind of wild stuff. These are very different tattoos wear them with some great swimsuit 

Sunrise: in this collection we got a bit of blue colour and not just any blue colour the turquoise blue which is the summer kind of blue and suits perfectly for the summer and we got again these great necklaces tattoos which I adore with different styles and shapes from these little circles to you lines and more and we also got this blue dream catcher I am really loving that one I would put this one on my arm it would look so adorable 

Venice beach: to shine up and give yourself little glow we got this venice beach collection with gold and silver and glitters as well. We got these amazing necklace tattoos with different shapes and different styles I feeling these necklace tattoos are a bit bohemian and indian styles very unique design and we got also some flowers tattoos. This one I really like I would suggest you put these necklace tattoos couple of them on one arm and also another just to be crazy in unique way and you will be ready to rock all of your upcoming beach parties

These are for now Beach So Chic tattoos collection and I am so in love with them, I am not sure how they actually are haven't tried them yet, but I did want to make you aware of them because they freaking look awesome. I don't know if you are fan of tattoos any kind, but let me tell you they are great accessory and very easy to remove. I personally do have two tattoos small once but they don't have the same effect these once have. You don't have to over do it just put one on, trust me you and your bikini will look even better or any cute summer outfit. It is just fun way to dress in summer and show your wild side. I have linked all the pictures to their webpage so you can click and check them out and you can also click here and I also want to make you aware of another amazing brand it's clothing brand legenscollections click on name to check it out
Hope you enjoyed this one 

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