Food porn

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There are a few pleasures in live some good some bad, and some make you feel littlie guilty.

A lot like porn lol , eating food that we shouldn't eat is one of those pleasures but we do it any way for that feeling of scarcity forbidden pleasure .
So its not about the food but about the pleasure, so in today's article I'll tell you all how to have the pleaser and benefits of the food without the guilt and how to take the first step into fixing your food issues (but I can't say the same about porn that’s out of my liege).
Why do we eat? How much should we eat? Types of eating? How do you control yourself from eating bad things? How do you start likening healthy food?
I will answer all of those questions in a simple way that you all can apply.
Why do we eat?
What a dum question but an important one, the right answer we eat to live.
Look at it this way "I eat to live a good life" so whatever we put in our bodies should help you live and junk food is for sure not going to help you live, it will help you go to the grave faster.
Keep that in mind every time you make a food choice, do not count calories or whatever just think about what food will help you live better and eat that.
How much should we eat?
Intel we are full is the wrong answer, Intel your hunger is silenced is the right answer.
Now this is a key advice for those looking to loose weight and those wanting more energy throughout the day and to have a great metabolism and hormone rates.
Your stomach is at the size of your fist literally , as you eat more than that it stretches ofc the longer you stretch it the harder it's for it to go back to normal size , therefore your meals should be at the size of your fist a little more maybe, that makes your stomach digest all the food in it and not store any , and you get to eat every 1-2 hrs a day , and feel light and have more energy all day .
For some who are used to have big meals doing this might be hard for the first week or so then the body gets used to it to the point where you will eat and get hungry at the same timing every day.
Give it a go people it a 100% guarantied.
Types of eating ?
Now we have stress eating, emotional eating, hunger eating, and medicating eating and many more names and labels .
Stress and emotional eating are the problem because your body isn’t in the need of food but your brain tricks you into thinking that.
And what's worse it makes you want to eat surgery fatty stuff, what you need to get rid of that kind of eating is to get rid of the cause or the bad feeling causing you to eat, there isn’t another way around it .
Or have dark coffee(in moderation )and dark chocolate , strawberry and cheery  and all fruits that looks yuuuuuuuuuumy might help to reduce stress as they look like sugary stuff.
Working out, is actually the best way to have less stress and less hangover effect as well and also helps to balance out stress hormones and better your mood.
Try to control you emotions as much as you can so they don’t take over your live try to take deep breathes every time you feel stuck take a bath go out ,try everything before junking out on bad food.
Now hunger eating is simple you hungry you eat not hungry don’t eat , but we tend to eat more when we are hungry so to avoid over eating have some water first then eat  slowly and chew on you food well.
Medicating eating is simply for those looking to get some results from food or eat certain things more or less than others  like high protein diet to build muscle and for athletes , diabetics /heart conditions diets, some have a diet for their skin and hair …etc.
Personally, I find that the diabetics/heart diseases diet awesome you eat what you want in moderation and no bad food give it a go it really can be an easy life style to apply.
How do you control yourself from eating bad food?
Practice makes perfect, I was lucky as a kid I had healthy parents who didn't allow much sugar or fat in their or my food so I grew up with the same eating habits , try to have less sugar and less fatty stuff  on your everyday food , you may not like the taste at first but you will get use to it , as your taste bugs will taste food's flavors more intensely with time which will make you add less sugar or fatty salty stuff to your meals , and it’s a permanent solutions when you get use to it you will not go back to the old you , as your body is programmed to the good light food.
How do you start  likening healthy food?
Eating junk food is ok!!!
A lot of people want to slap me now , eat junk food once a month is alright ,or if you eat it every day try to reduce the meal size first and incorporate healthy drinks or fruits and vegetables in your food  instead, try a week of healthy food then go back to junk food and measure the effect it has on your body and how bad you feel after the junk food.
Then if you are an absolute junk food addicted try to make it at home from scratch no frozen food no nothing , get all the ingredients and make it at home so you can have some control of what you eat, drink more water before you eat anything , drink more fruit smoothies as well  as green tea , to reduce the amount of junk food in your system .
Those are small tips , but the most important thing is realizing how important your health is and that you should keep it no junk food company in the word will help you when you are laying in a hospitable bed they all just looking out for money , so you need to look out for your self .
Eat what you desire but don’t make it eat you and make you addicted to it.
" all things in moderation "

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