New Fashion App - "Poshpeep"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Is this familiar to you? You are just laying in the bed scrolling through all of your social medias and you find either some cool clothing store or some cool app and you just love it. You got addicted to it in like a second. Well, couple of days ago, I was going through twitter and I discovered an amazing fashion app called 'Poshpeep' and ever since I discovered it, I have been obsessed with it. I love great apps but even more when they match my interest and that is what this app is.

I love fashion, so it was great match for me. So, let me tell you a bit more about this app. It is a "yes or no" fashion app. Basically what you do is: you post an outfit photo on twitter and hashtag #poshpeep and it goes straight to the app and then people can say yes or no. Like if you are not sure about that outfit you want to wear for that special date, just post a photo and see what others think. You can give your own opinion about others outfits.

This is how the app looks like. The heart is for like and of course the funny symbol on the left is for dislike. The green bar means likes and red likes dislikes. You can even share and comment on photo. Pretty cool, right? And as you can see it is also about beauty as well!!!

It is great way to exchange fashion opinions and also just talk to some fashionistas. It is similar to lookbook, but in lookbook when you post a photo, people hype by liking it. You really cannot make out if your outfit is great or it is mediocre. They do so to either to see if you fan/hype them. I always get comments like"pretty outfit hype me back". 

On Poshpeep, it feels more real, people say what they think. In this app, there is no pressure to garner too many likes or fans. The only thing to do is to express our opinion and that is what I like!

(Here you can see two more example of app)

So Fashionistas, what are you waiting for? Go to Poshpeep and check out the amazing app and tell us your opinions.  We can't wait to hear about your experience (you can click on any of the photos in this article and it will link you to this app)

Nakedlydressed xx