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So today's article is all about how to get the maximum fun out of your work out and benefits as wel
First let's just say working out is a must I emphasize on this on every fitness article , for an overalhealth girls don’t just diet , and working out allows you to eat more later how cool is that right!!
Let us start:

State of mind:
You need the right rezones and motivations before you work out, or else you will just go cold after the first week and your work will all go away; sit and think why do you want to do this and the way should be all about you not for anyone else or for anyone else.
Be your own motivation do things because you want them.
Work out every day with the state of mind that you can do this.
Don’t be afraid :
Your body is stronger than what you think so if you feel a little stronger we call that " beast mood" and adventuress on one day and you want to try a new mood go for it as long as you don’t get hurt go and have fun working out is testing the limits of the body after all so go for it , just don’t hurt yourself.
Mix and match:
Some work outs has the same position or target the same muscle group, there for instead of doing the same work out mix them up and increase the intensity of the work out :
For example :
Bush ups/  Burpees /commandos:
Start with the pushups potions and do a push up the continue into the buerpee and each one of those is just one move , you see that you targeted malty muscles groups at one move, if you are even more fit add a high jump to the burpee if you want .
Another thing you can add on the work out is commandos , start on the bush up position then get on your forearms "blank position" raise your left arm and adjust your body weight accordingly and then raise your other arm so you are in a pushups position again , repeat the pushup burpees work out top.
Ofc never bush to hard it all deepens of what fitness level you are in
WARNING: doing this work out without basic fitness level can be dangers and injuries may happen be careful.

V-crunches with twists:
You all know the v-crunches for the abs so to increase the intensity of it you can simple do one regular crunch and then do another but twist your body to the side and do the same for the other side just like set ups with twists and that’s one move, adding weights to that can also add to the intensity of that work out.
Now those tow are just examples of what I do sometimes every one is free to mix their own cocktail of work out even without planning it as long as you are sure your body is ready.
Get your grove on:
Music is like the key thing to enjoy working out , rock and roll and hip-hip in my choice of work out music .
Sometimes I choose tracks biased on time like my worm up track in 5:30mints and that’s all the worm I need so you finish faster with the beat of the music.
Download the music that makes you want to get up and move .
Dancing is a great way to get out of the working out routine do if you are a strong dancer when you don’t feel like working out dance for like 30mites and that’s it , there a lot of YouTube videos that teach dance , so go and shake it.
So I hope you had fun with this article next one would be about more detailed workouts planes /food plans.
Remember consult with a professional before attempting anything, make sure your body is before 
working out or going on a diet.

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