Casual working day

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Today I was getting ready for work, but I was feeling like wearing something too elegant I wanted to be more casual and anyways on Tuesdays not a lot of things are going on at work so I guess I am allowed to be more casual. So here is what I wore and might give you little inspiration how to dress on casual days at work

Sunglasses from Rayban | Denim jacket from C&A | Shoulder clutch from Manor | Golden bracelet from Six | Pink croptop from Bershka | Ripped black trousers from Zara | Sandals from Aldo

So as you can see it is a casual kind of look for work, but I love dressing this way to work it is so much fun and very unusual. So I took my fav rayban sunglasses because I love them and it was shinning outside so I took the chance to wear them. It was sun but it was still a bit cold so that's why I got my denim jacket that I have been loving for long time and I love that it is ripped a bit more retro kind of style but yet still stylish and with that I got some cute crop top from Bershka that I got long time ago. I do like it because it goes well with a lot of things and of course I needed some accessories because there is no outfit with some accessories I got this cute golden bracelet and of course my shoulder clutch that I wear everywhere. For trousers I decided to wear my latest once, that I just got at zara and I am loving them, they make my legs so skinny and they are also great with casual looks and for shoes I decided on this beautiful sandals because they look great with these trousers and they are also great with casual looks. So I hope you enjoyed my look and hope I give you inspiration as well

Till next time

Nakedlydressed xx