Bobbi brown: Telluride collection

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As you might have noticed, lately I have been super obsessed with makeup brand Bobbibrown. Ever since I bought their high lighter I have been loving them, and have been looking to buy some more o their products. So that's why I have been spending a bit of time on their webpage checking out their latest collection and I cam across this amazing collection called telluride that I will be showing you today so get ready to be impressed

Telluride eye palette: this eyeshadow is very simple but yet has everything you will possible need for amazing looking eye makeup. From soft pinks and roses to rich brown colours and the eyeshadows are in matte, shimmer and sparkle finish. With this eye palette you can do your everyday makeup for example with this first white colour and either this first brown matte very simple of if you are into sparkle this third one great way to high light your eye, but if it is time to go out this last one brown great way to do smoky eyes and what I also love about bobbibrown their packaging so cute and they even give you brush that works great with your eyes so what are you waiting for go and get this amazing palette at bobbibrown

Sheer lip color: this three lipsticks in warm pink shades, are not too dynamic so it's great for everyday makeup, very nice and natural colours that will look amazing on your lips with little bit of shine as well. These colours are very simple and great to put together with anything. So if you are looking for everyday lipstick these are perfect for that

Shimmer brick-sunset pink: so this is the one high lighter I got from them and the reason I fell in love with this brand so when I say it's amazing I know what I am talking about because I tried it. This amazing high lighter has sunset colours that's why it's called like this and it gives soft focus and really shows off good parts of your beautiful cheeks. You can apply this beauty by just little smiling and in then with your brush taking a bit and putting it on your highest spot while smiling and next to your bronzer it will high light this spot and make your face look better

Long wear gel eyeline: I am not big fan of eyeliner, well at least not anymore but people have been telling me that this bobbi brown eyeliner is just amazing. In this new collection they added two more colours caviar ink and black mauve shimmer that's a bit shinny but not too much so it's suits great on your eyes. And this long-wear gel eyeliner will give you 12 hours lasting eyeliner doesn't matter what you do for activities your eyeliner will stay on your eyes and it also has two amazing colours that you will have to check out for sure. 

Smoky eye mascara: this is not me trying out new mascara, because I am more than happy with the chanel one and won't change it for a while and it is everything I want from mascara. But if you are looking for more dramatic look and very very long lashes this one will give you this one, the perfect suit for smoky eye makeup. This mascara will give you extremely starched out lashes in an instant. Very beautiful looking lashes that will look great with any makeup 

 Pot rouge for lips & cheeks: the products that you can not only use for cheeks but for lips as well who doesn't love that? This pot rouge can be used on your cheeks to give little colour and a bit life and for lips if you are feeling up to put some colour on your lips and I love that all of these are in all natural colours and it's mirrored flip-top compact, which makes it easier to apply it. 

 Ultra fine eye liner brush: if you are using a lot of eye liner and hate when it is not as perfect as you want this amazing brush will help you out with that problem. Bobbibrown made this brush so it's easier for use to apply eye liner without any mistakes. It's very slim and that means easy to control in your hands, that will help you make flawless line

Face blender brush: of course for our face to look even more beautiful we use all kinds of makeup like powder,bronzer, shimmer and blush and for them to be applied good on our faces we need great face brush and this one is one of the best. I am telling you from experience I tried once and it is really good. It's is soft and very easy to work with and very nice feeling when you are applying it. Also you might not know about bobbibrown but all of their products are natural made

Great collection isn't it? There is something for everyone. If you would guy the whole collection, you would have everything you need for makeup. Hope you guys enjoyed this article

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