Casual night out

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

On Saturday evening as every Saturday I went out and this time my friend had birthday. We planned to meet up at the bar next to the club we were suppose to go out, but I took way too long to get ready so that's why I met up with them in the club but everything worked out well. It was great  but after a while my friend and I went to other club and other stayed at the club. After we went to latin palace great club with amazing latin music, one of my favourite clubs in the city and I love the fact that you can go there as how you want to. There is acceptable overdressed as much as underdressed so whatever you like more and I love that music there and after at 4 am the club was closed so it went to another dominican bar/club and stayed there for while and then ended up going to burger king to eat some stuff and then I came around 7 am home but it was very fun night and I had great time. So because I knew it would be casual night out I just wore casual stuff so here is how you can get dressed for casual night out

Black crop top from Pull&Bear | Watch from MicheaelKors | Push up black ripped jeans from Bershka | Ankle boots from Pepejeans | Stripe shirt from Bershka 

As you can see I went pretty simple with the look I took pair of my favourite jeans the push up jeans. I really love them because they make my legs look skinnier and even my ass kind of funny but very true. Anyways with that I thought why not wear crop top to show little skin not too much but a bit, it is club it can't be bad with little crop top and because I was in black outfit I thought adding black and white stripe shirt wouldn't be bad. I usually wouldn't wear this black outfit but for club I kind of think it is not that bad it looks kind of cool and of course it got hot in club so I just put the shirt around me and that looked even better and of course I wore my brand new ankle boots that I so much love first they are so comfy and second they always look good and got my shoulder clutch very practical and stylish. So this was my look for casual night out hope you liked this look and got inspired by it.

Nakedlydressed xx