Pepe jeans ankle boots

Friday, October 09, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Today was very nice day for me first I got to wear my brand new ankle boots for first time and also got a day off after very very long. And that's the reason why I was M.I.A in last view weeks, because I have been working non-stop and didn't even get a chance to check my email let alone write something for you guys and I am so sorry about it, but now I made super schedule that will make it possible for me to write every week, so this never happened. Because you guys are very important to me and I want to make you happy. So this is what I wore with my beautiful ankle boots and this is also first look of the fall

Green pullover from H&M | Khaki jacket from Bershka | Watch from MichaelKors | Fringe backpack from Fizzen | Ripped black jeans from Zara | Vintage ankle boots from Pepejeans

As you can see I went very simple with this look. Under this beautiful jacket I had green pullover that really high lights my eyes, because it was a bit cold and I wore this jacket because it is perfect suit with this amazing shoes and very fall like. Then I wore this ripped black jeans from zara that I love because they make my legs so much skinnier. And they look great with any look, I feel like every gilr needs once of those. And then I wore this amazing pepe jeans ankle boots who are from special vintage collection. I love how they are a bit open and have this studs, just small once that gives them a bit of charm. And for accessories I decided on this vintage fringe backpack that I love and looks so stylish and my michaelkors watch, which always keeps me on track of the time. I loved how this look came out, in very fall like style a bit edgy because of the shoes but also quiet girly. And girls how do you like the lipstick from urbandecay I have on? I just bought it and want to know how you like it. Hope you like our first fall look, some more cool fall looks are coming up soon

Nakedlydressed xx