Casual look with uggs

Monday, November 30, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Today I was feeling for casual kind of work day so that is how I styled my look as well. Today it was so cold and feeling to be cozy in my bed and just watch movies the whole day, but sadly I had to work but at least I could dress how I was feeling. I hate when it is so cold outside, I just feel sleepy and so not feeling up for working. So here is what I wore for casual work day

Headband from Zara | Scarf from H&M | Leather jacket from Manor | Blue sweater from Zara | Stripe shirt from Bershka | Knock off bag of Valentino  | Skinny black jeans from Bershka | Ugg boots from Uggaustrlia 

With this look I didn't think at all, and usually when I dress myself I always think how that would look like. I just threw something on me didn't put that much thought into it. So first I took this stripe shirt from bershka wanted to be little bit school girl kind of look but not too much of that, and I thought with some sweater it would be great mix this shirt hang outside the sweater kind of cool. So I took this short sweater because otherwise the shirt wouldn't be seen, since it's pretty small size. With that I put some skinny jeans because I love them and my legs look amazing. And now it was accessories part first I took my ugg boots because they are so freaking warm and cozy we don't need anything else if we have them and since I had ugg boots on I didn't need to wear some coat or something like that I just put a nice leather jacket that I haven't wore for a long time and then last part was the daisy glitter headband that I love and goes with any outfit and totally looks cute and when I put some colour on my hair I thought colourful bag wouldn't hurt so I took this Valentino knock off bag and it doesn't even look that bad for a knock off am I right? So this was my look hope you got inspired and liked it let me know in comment below what you think about it

Lot of love till next time

Nakedlydressed xx