Expectation Vs Reality Shopping

Monday, November 16, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

We all love shopping especially us girls, there is nothing better in the world than shopping. Such a powerful feeling to bought something you really like or just to buy something you wanted for a long time. But there is always difference between what you think it is like and how it is. So for today's article I thought it would be fun to mix it up and just write how we think shopping is and how it really is and who knows you might be able to relate to it. These kind of article are always fun and you might laugh because it is fun

1. Thinking how much stuff you will buy
Expectation: you are coming home with a lot of shopping bag and trying out your awesome stuff you bought and trying looks with them
Reality: you will be for hours in one store and you would just find view stuff and nothing special 

2. How much time you would spend shopping
Expectation: you are going in one store and you are finding everything you need and in one hour you are done with some awesome stuff
Reality: going in every store in the mall and spending too much time checking every single item in store and then you will not even find everything you need

3. Awesome stuff you see in the store
Expectation: seeing awesome stuff in the window or in store trying it in the fitting room and looking all amazing 
Reality: seeing some awesome stuff trying it out and totally looking ugly 

4. Thinking you will be only one who will shop at that time
Exceptions: the whole mall empty and everyone who works totally helping with anything you need
Reality: the stores are full, people are grabbing anything they could find and waiting in front of fitting room to try it out

5. Thinking how awesome you are your friends would look while shopping
Expectation: looking all hot with a lot of shopping bags, with amazing clothes looking so good very mean girl kind of style and everyone looking at you
Reality: totally looking like you came from hell, with messy hair because of all the shopping and struggle to find something 

6. Budget for the shopping:
Expectation: totally thinking you can spend over 1000 dollars or more buying anything you find cute
Reality: you can just spend 200 dollars which give you to buy couple of cute tops, trousers and shirt and maybe some bag or shoes

7. Prices at the store
Expectation; everything is super cheap and everything you find cute is on sale or really low price that you can for sure afford 
Reality: the prices are high and stuff you find super cute and totally in love with are too expensive

8. Being able to afford awesome and expensive stuff
Expectation: find all the best deals in the world, calculating with the discounts and getting at least for 20% less for super awesome price
Reality: having deals on ugly cheap stuff you don't want and ending up buying some stuff for way more 

9. After shopping trying clothes out
Expectation: trying out clothes with your friends you bought and having little fashion show making looks for clothes and just having the best time
Reality: totally just checking out the stuff and leaving on the floor and probably not even seeing how it looks

So this was fun wasn't it. Please comment if you can relate to any of these stuff about shopping if you loved this one head over to our boys blog and read about Women Vs Men Shopping

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