Couple of fun ways to wear poncho

Monday, December 14, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

This week has been full of different ponchos because I was actually searching for poncho this week and I found great one, but for that you'll have to wait until next week for our weekly look article. But let's talk about how ponchos are great and so comfy in winter and they make you look elegant. This poncho trend started last winter but now it is a big hit and I see all over people wearing ponchos in very cute ways and so for today's article I will show you couple of ways how you can wear poncho

Girlfriend ripped jeans: great way to wear poncho is with these stylish girlfriend ripped jeans in kind of casual way. You could wear it with some nice basic shirt and sweater since poncho probably won't be enough at this time of the year then put poncho these jeans and with this jeans pointed toe heels very stylish with this look or if you are not big heels fan maybe some nice sneakers and with that all also a small shoulder bag and mix things little bit up with some jewellery 

Rain boots: of course we also adore these hunter boots but also any rain boots and this colour is just so amazing. Also poncho suits super great with rain boots as well in kind of "farmer girl" style but in cool stylish way. Anyways how you could wear it very simple wear with some nice sweater and a light jacket for example these military style jacket and with that poncho then either wear some nice skirt in more elegant way or just simple trousers and just stay simple with this look no jewellery or anything like that and maybe you could wear backpack with this look 

Dress: I love these long sleeves dresses in winter time but also any pretty dress would work with poncho and just put poncho and wear it either with some ankle boots or long length boots both of them look great and with that some nice gloves and handbag and you got look for classy lady 

 Leather jacket: I always hate that I can't wear leather jacket in winter and you know I love those, they are my favourite kind of jackets but now that I have poncho I can wear because this pretty guy will keep me and my leather jacket warm. And with this one you have so many options how to wear it for example skinny jeans with some nice ankle boots kind of edgy style and with that clutch with gloves and hat to be half edgy half classy, but with leather jacket skirt also works or even dress wear what makes you feel good

Skirt: nothing makes you more classy than skirt and also good way to wear poncho is with skirt. It depends what colour is your poncho and also style it has but this season these suede stuff have been very popular so good way to wear poncho is with suede skirt but it can also be leather skirt, high waist skirt or even mid skirt. This look could be great for work you can choose some nice blouse and nice cardigan and nice heeled boots or high heels because skirts look great with heels and with that all nice handbag with some necklaces on great look for busy working days

Ankle boots: you know you can't go wrong with poncho and ankle boots and it is very easy to style outfit with these two items. Choose nice shirt and nice stylish trousers maybe like skinny jeans always look good and put shirt in the trousers and get some nice necklace and earrings as accessories and then with that heeled ankle boots with some nice bag but also good way to wear this one is also with some nice dress for example skater dress with normal ankle boots 

Maxi skirt: I love wearing these maxi skirt they really high light your figure and all good features and it is very fun way to wear it with poncho. I really love this skirt on this picture it is very bohemian style which I am so obsessed with so how you can wear poncho with maxi skirt pretty easy get some nice top like this girl is wearing nice necklace that maybe even headband and just use as much jewellery as you can and with that all nice heeled boots since this skirt is long and also get nice on shoulder clutch and rock it like a boss 

It is shocking to some people that you can wear poncho in so many ways and it always looks pretty classy and stylish. Poncho is such a handy thing in winter, it is accessories that has actually a use and that is keeping you warm. I really enjoyed putting together this article for you guys and hope you get inspired and will wear some great ponchos this year please send me photos of your poncho outfits I will love to see it. Get excited to read soon about how you can get dressed for new year's eve and more "Xmas" article 

Lot of love

Nakedlydressed xx