Dress ideas for New Year's Eve

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It's has been a while since we wrote on our blog and for that we are very sorry, but you got to understand us we are very busy and of course with Christmas and New Years we also need a break, but don't worry we are back now. Anyways first I wanted to wish all of our beautiful readers Merry Christmas and hope you had wonderful time with your loved once so did we and I wanted to take time to appreciate this moment because this is our first Christmas with our blog and of course with you guys we never thought it just view months we would come so far with the blog but we did and it is all because of you guys we love so and appreciate all of your support. Now that we are done with Christmas it is time for New Year it is coming very soon and I can't believe it is almost over, this year has been good but also a bit bad to me but I could say mostly good. And I am sure you already got your plans for New Years I know I do and you will find out about them soon enough anyways you got plans with your best friends but what to wear that is something that is a bit hard every New Years I have to find perfect dress but always have hard time so for today's article I will show you some great New Year's dresses that you can wear and get you inspired

Sequined velvet bodycon dress: new year's is all about glitters and sparkles and at that time you can get crazy as much as you want so this dress from Forever21 is great choice for New Year Eve. It is very simple but with these glitters it has huge effect, and I really like that it is in edgy style. I would wear this beautiful dress with some heeled ankle boots and leather jacket very edgy and with that some bling bling jewelry

Plunge front pu dress: even though this dress is not glittery it doesn't mean it can't be good for New Year's, in fact sometimes you have to change up and wear something different than others and you can always add some glittery details. This dress is very edgy but in girly way because of the lace under and also another simple dress and this beautiful dress is from Topshop. And this is perfect for any club type of New Years or even home party and I would wear it with some nice jacket and if you still want to be in new year spirit than buy some nice glittery high heels there are so many you can get and wear some nice necklace and there you got great dress for New Year's Eve

Glamorous flash forward mini dress: are you also so obsessed with this dress just by looking at it? I mean can anything be better than this? I love glittery but this is even better and in many colours sadly I already ordered my dress but maybe for next year. Anyways this beauty comes from Nastygal and it is super mini but also super new year's eve don't you think so. With this dress you don't need too many details since this dress is already very detailed with this dress you could wear simple high heels maybe pumps or heeled ankle boots or these high length boots on heels would be the best since the dress in very short but this dress is made for new year's eve and you can't go wrong with this one on New Year's Eve

Square neck skater dress: I love these skater dress because they suit every body type and it can be really elegant for occasions like New Years and this one is very simple but yet special. I think this square neck makes you skinnier and in general it looks nice. So if you are feeling up for new year's eve spirit wear some glittery headbands with this dress, nice necklaces and maybe some sparkly heels either high length boots or pointed toe heels would work. And you got yourself your little black dress and great outfit for New Year's Eve and this little black dress you can get at Missguided

Strappy sequinned dress: don't you love these dresses with sequins for New Year's? I love it, they are something so perfect to that occasion and so classy. This dress from Bershka  is strappy and it is go great for New Year's Eve. Even though in most places in Europe is pretty freezing for New Year's, if you are spending it in the club, it doesn't matter and it just makes you feel so free. Anyways go very simple with this one just one coloured heels, maybe some nice headband and if you want a necklace and with that a nice jacket for example velvet jacket and also I have tried this dress and it is more shorter than on picture, and the sequins are way more sparkly.

Silver sequined dress: and I saved the best one for the last noo just kidding I think all of these dresses are amazing and if you choose any of those you will more than happy. It is kind of funny that this dress I actually bought for myself I was just going through some online shops and I found this beauty at Lookbookatore and it was for a very good price so I basically had to buy and I can't wait for it to arrive. So now I will tell you how I am going to wear it. Basically I still haven't figured out what shoes I am going to wear but it will either be ankle boots on heels or just simple pumps but I first have to go to the stores and look at some nice heels and I know what you are thinking New Year's is in couple of days and I still don't have shoes, but don't worry I will have them. Anyways for hear I was thinking of wearing my daisy but sparkly headband and with that my leather jacket and also the most important thing red lipstick it will make such a good effect on whole outfit

So these are my top 6 choices for New Year's Eve dresses and these dresses I would definitely wear and they are so perfect for this occasions. Just go simple with a lot of glitters and sparkles and there you go also nice details like jewelry and you will look amazing. It doesn't matter how you guys look the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself and just remember the best things about 2015 and leave all the bad things behind. 

We are always here for you and we love you

Nakedlydressed girls xx