Different ways to wear bomber jacket

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So these bomber jacket have been pretty huge hit this year. They started to be popular in the summer with these olive green colours and all pretty girls wanted one. And now that winter has come they are still popular but now they make them in even prettier colours. So because everyone is crazy about those I thought why not write about them and how you girls can wear them

Tight dress: great way to wear bomber jacket is with these cute little tight dresses. These dresses can really highlight your body and of course they look good with this little jacket. I would wear some nice tight dress like this one on the picture with some nice ankle boots heels or if it is summer some sandals with heels and with that bomber jacket and clutch also play around with accessories. This is great outfit for nice dinner with your friends

Skinny jeans: let's be honest skinny jeans go well with anything and with bomber jacket as well. I would wear them with some pointed toe heels very sexy kind of look and then put on some simple basic top or shirt with that, but on some necklaces and of course red lipstick because complete sexy looks needs red lipstick and that would be kind of some night out kind of look more elegant but you can wear skinny jeans and bomber jacket for example with ankle boots as well

Crop top: if you know me little bit you have to know that I am obsessed with crop tops I love wearing them and just styling outfits with them but sadly it is winter time and I can't really wear them. But one another clothing item that suits with bomber jacket is crop top, that is of course for more like spring kind of outfit. So you could either wear it with pair of your favourite skinny jeans or also good idea would be high waist skirt and then this way you won't have to show too much skin with that I would wear some simple sneakers or shoes and get your outfit little details like some cool hat 

Skater skirt: I love this skater skirts because they are kind of loose so it makes your legs look skinnier and you feel even a bit higher. Anyways cool way to wear this awesome skirt with bomber jacket is with some nice shirt for example tuck into the skirt and with that either ankle boots or some nice long length boots for more casual thing and then also wear some nice headband to spice things up with your everyday handbag. But also skater skirt can also be good with some heels for nice night out with your girls 

Leather trousers: I love wearing leather trousers at any time, they just make your outfit so classy. And bomber jacket with leather trousers is good idea. This way it makes your outfit classy. I would wear bomber jacket with some nice top with a sweater because now it is getting cold and then leather trousers with heeled ankle boots such a good idea or even some nice boots and with that a leather backpack would be great idea with some nice details and don't forget to wear some red lipstick to look even more dangerous 

High waist shorts: now we are going to summer/spring season when it is more warm and we are able to wear shorts. Great way to wear bomber jacket in these seasons is with these high waist shorts. These shorts are up a bit and that suits great with this short bomber jacket. I would wear this shorts with some nice top simple one and I would tuck it in this shorts and with bomber jacket, and shoes I would just wear some nice sneakers and for accessories get some nice rings and necklaces to make it more interesting and wear with all of that either some handbag or a clutch and you got great summer/spring look

Summer dress: you know these pretty summer dresses, either with daisy prints on well you maybe didn't know this but they also look pretty awesome with bomber jacket. So how to wear it with bomber jacket well it is pretty easy, wear it with bomber jacket open and of course because it is summer dress totally needs sandals and some cute once maybe some rings and sunglasses on for sure and with that all nice handbag and you got kind of girly summer look so try it out this summer 

That was my article about our favourite jacket hope you got inspired by it and try it out and send me photos of your looks always love to see that. 

Till next time my loves

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