matt and ombre

Saturday, January 02, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

so who dosent like this new and trendy Matt and Ombre lips look , and in today's artical i will tell you how to do both and with the lipsticks that you already have no need to buy anything more.
so lets start:
you will need a clear or nude matt powder what ever brand you want not important .
to make a simple matt lipstick choose your color and line your lips with a liner and make sure that you lips are moisturized before as matt lipsticks make lips dry then simply pat your lips with the powder softly , put the lipstick evenly on your lips then pat your lips with the powder until you feel it is matt to your preference don't join you lips together or you will miss up the powder and will mix up with the lip color and make a muddy look .
if you have small lips use brighter colors as matt colors makes lips look more small , and line your lip's outer corners slightly above your natural lips line to make them appear bigger.
 that was the matt now to the ompre and i do it differently than other :
take a lip liner or lipstick darker than your lipstick that you plan to use , ofc mosturize your lips and then start .
line your lips withe the liner start at the corners of your lips of if you have small lips try the tip above .
and work your way in with the liner but not all the way to the inner lip aria smudge the liner a pit with the a fine lips brush so it mixs with you lips right .
then but the lip color you want on the lighter eria of your lips to mix it well use the lips brush to see how the liner and the lipstick fit togther .
Another way :

use a lip color all over your lips then with the darker liner of even a darker lip stick with a brush go over the outer corners of your lips to the point you want the color to go in of if you want bigger lips you can place your lips stick slightly over the natural borders of your lips.
 tip :
to give a bigger contrast use a darker matt lipstick and then use a shiny one for the inner lighter shade .