long term wight lost stratige

Friday, May 20, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

so girls its summer time and to be honest its the time you all start make lifetime changes about your health and body.
this article is a short fun simple three steps you can take now to be the person you want.
today i will be talking to you about some first step liners in order to loos wight ,keep healthy , and most importantly stay that way:
so lets get on with it:
1- water , water ,water:
i said it three times so its important , in summer it is more easy to drink more water so its a good first start to get used to put clear water in your system stay on a fixed amount for 2 weeks then then increese a bottle on the thired week and so on , and never over look it.

2- stay outta complex -carps :
since we drink more than we eat on the Summer and we tend to eat more fruit on summer it is a very great start to make it a permanent change don't you think.
stay out of bread and the white wheat and by the time the summer is over your body will be used to it.
my advice cut as much as  you can through out your day and take it one day at a time.

3-you cant work out a bad diet :
i always say how important working out is , and it is important but the fact is if you work out with our changing the way you eat will then Stop because it is useless .
and i will talk to you more about this on another time but for now if you will work out follow the first tow tips and you will see change in your body and even you mood .