Fat carbes and muscles 101

Thursday, August 18, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

hello all i am hear today to give you some Facts on Fat , carbs , muscles and this will help you with your fitness goals tremendously once you understand the game .

first FAT : 
fat is layers so it is one layer on top of the other and also what most of use dont know is the there is fat in the MUScles it self with in the tissues .
that's why many people give up on the wight lost plans once they dont see change , there is a change but your body will milt the fat in the muscles first before it taps into the skin layers so dont give up.
fat takes the body more power to brake down , so you body will go to your carps first for fuel .
that is why almost everyone recommends you cut back on your simple carbs . 
Carbs :
 the simple carbohydrates are the bodies first line of fuel , so when you feed your body carbs then why would your body need to burn the fat fuel ?
so if you want to eat simple carbs do it after your work out , and on a work out that you have done some cardio on .
so your body will consume that energy then can tap in to your fat fuel .

muscles :
  our lovely friend , fat does not turn in to fat they are soooo different but as i stated before our muscles can have fat in them and must loose it first in order for you to shape up .
muscles are still wight , but a healthy wight and a tight wight .
if you have one pound of muscle and one pound fat you will see that they both have the same number on the scale but if you can look at them you can see the the fat pound looks bigger than the muscle pound .
that is also a rezone why you may work out and dont see a change on the scale , because you gain a pound of muscle at the same time you lose a pound fat  , so the scale dose not change the number fat .
and that is ok keep gaining muscels as soon as your muscels milt the fat in its tissues it will tap in and help burn and brake down fat to make room for it self .
that being said you must feed the beast protein so you can build muscles faster , and doing wight training will help your bonus to be more thick and strong and taking muscele is the best on the long run .