Let's organise our clothes

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

If you are into fashion like I am you must be one of those who just loves to buy new clothes again and again!! You know you probably don't need it but you still buy it. Some stuff you are drawn buy and you can't help it. But you know what sucks about shopping making place for new clothes. Normal people would probably throw away old clothes and put new clothes, but who does that actually??!! WE ain't ready to give up clothes. Well you don't have to worry about that because today I got you girl with great trick how to organise your clothes!!!

What I have learned from always not having enough space in my clothes and also working in retail is racks are the best for organising clothes. They are bigger than wardrobe but girl trust me you can fit more clothes on rack than in wardrobe. And you can make it very organising you can organise by colour and by items and this way it will be easier to make outfit and to see what you have, where with wardrobe everything is a mess. So where do we buy a rack? Some good one that will keep my clothes clean and organised!!! Funny you ask because for this post I parented up with ZIITO to show you their beautiful racks and how organising clothes can be fun!!

You can buy this model in three sizes small, medium and large depends how much of clothes you need to organise. They were kind enough to send me one of their racks to I can test it out and let you know how they are check out the model I got here. So I got the large and let me tell you it is very big but big enough to fit all of your clothes. The quality is also very good, I noticed it is not cheap rack and also this one is very important it is also very stable. I tried to see how it would look with a lot of clothes on and it was still stable so you are allowed to overdoit with clothes. To finish up this I can only say good things about this product and I would recommend anyone, who needs to organise their clothes. And here is look how this racks looks like!

As you can see with this large size because it is so big you can even mirror or chair to it if you have space and it could look good in your room. This rack is great addition to your room, it can look great as decoration as well. For me this rack is 10/10 so go get it guys before it is gone it is very good investment for your clothes! Yes I said investment because it is little bit pricy but for sure worth it!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and little bit about organising ladies we do need to be organised otherwise we won 't find these outfit that will pull all the boys hearts just joking or am I??!!

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