Assholes one-on-one

Friday, March 27, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 3 Comments

Have you girls ever wondered if all guys are just jerks; well I guess yah they are but the question is what kind of an asshole is he ??

That’s a great question, and the pressing matter is why are you attracted to them??

All of those question well be answered today, and hopefully one of you girls will kick the idiot your dating to the curve.

Let's start with the second question; why are some girls attracted to assholes even though every bone in your body tells you that boy is bad news.

The challenge; yes girls are always trying to prove that they can get any man they want it makes them feel strong and feminine and powerful and the more a man seems difficult the more girls want him and it simply because the challenge he represents , makes since doesn't it !!

 And that’s more than ok men do the same thing so why not women, but it’s a very dangerous game if you want to play then make the game and don’t get played, or get emotionally evolved.

And always remember "GET IN, GET OFF, GET OUT" that is the main rule here.

Unfortunately, men use the same technique just on every girl just to prove that they are MEN.

Now from the last note will move to the types of our beloved assholes:
-the obvious asshole: now this dude is a fool and he knows it and every one else knows it as well he is proud, cocky, and with a lot of attitude, easy to spot as he acts like he owns the world, usually has the same am the king  attitude throughout the whole relationship.

- the nice asshole : now this poor dude looks like your average nice innocent dude that seems like you can go the whole nine with , now he might maybe nice but that’s not his real side it's just a catch as he shifts to the big player asshole once he gets what he wants; key point never give him a handle on and he is under control.

- the two sides asshole(the Chameleon) : now this one is a pit confusing he is sometimes nice sometimes an idiot depending on the girl and depending on what he wants , if the situation requires him to be nice he will if not he will be and ass and this the most common type .
- the wanna be asshoel (virgin): now this might seem odd why would any one wanna be an asshole; well because some girls find them attractive now this poor dude is not the most handsome or successful dude out there and then something changes in his life he gets rich or successful , and he wants to get back at all the girls that said NO to him.

 now my advice for this guy keep your true nature and the girl who really likes you will come to marry you not just to have part time fun with you.
-the stallion (ego asshole) : wither its looks , money, success those guys feel they are the best of the best due to the previous rezones ; they underestimate everyone around them and think they have no computation, limits , rules , ethics , and it’s the society's fault they idolize those people and give them more advantages then they disserve , and then later they complain about !!

All people should be valued based on their work and how they treat people and nothing more matters.
Now for those guys simply always remained them that you're not impressed that out to put them in their place as just dicks.

-the mental ill assholes: now those actually have something wrong with them and treat women as one of their belongings or that that’s the way they should be treated, those weren't breast fed as children or have some real issues "STAY AWAY" or kick his ass which is more fun.

Now there are a lot more assholes than what I can put in one article, but those are the main ones I think so take a look and comment the type of asshole you dated let's see what's the most common one, or if any of the advices worked.



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Thanks for the compliment. I know I am sexy.

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Just say MACHO!!

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Italian Stallion.a must.