Kayla Workout Program Wednesday Weeks 1&3

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

As I promised I will post workouts for Wednesday for weeks 1-4. These workouts are for arms and abs and I would say these are more challenging, but they are very fun when you get used to them. And you don't have to do it on Wednesday you can do it on any day.

1. Circuit:
15 push ups
15 medicine ball squat and press
15 lay down push ups
15 tricep dips 
Break after 7 minutes
2. Circuit:
40 or 20 per leg mountain climbers 
40 or 20 per side ab bikes
30 or 15 each side sit ups with twist
15 straight leg sit ups

And as I said last time these exercises have to be done two times and after 7 minutes you have to take a break or when you feel like it is too much, but it shouldn't be before 7 minutes

Push ups:  push are simple to do it, but in the beginning a bit hard.  This pictures shows the exercises pretty good. You need to raise your arms and leg and then lower yourself with arms and leg first with arms and then legs follow them.

Medicine ball squat & press: this pictures shows it exactly how you should do this exercise if you follow this picture you will do this exercise correctly.

Lay down push ups: this are different push ups then normal push ups. In this one you are first on floor at lower position and then you start by placing your arms beside your chest then push through your chest and extend your arms to lift your body back into push up position. This pictufore shows you how your legs and arms should be in lower and also in push up position.

Tricep dips: for this exercise you bend your knees and put arms behind on bench straight and then you start slowly lowering your knees and then you go back to starting position. 

Mountain climbers: this pictures shows you exactly how you have to do this exercise. You first start by going into push up position legs straight and arms then you start to bend one knee and you go forward with that knee to your chest and back, but everything else stays the same.

Ab bikes: you should follow the instruction from picture and you should do this exercise correctly.

Sit ups with twist: put your legs in sitting position bend them and then put arms together or put arms behind your head and on left or right side up and then other side

Straight leg sit ups:  start by laying on the floor put your arms straight on side and then go forward till you can touch your toes.