Small winged Eyeliner, soft matt brown lips ,nude nails

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So today's  article is about  a fun make up look I did a few days ago , for those who like 5 minutes make up look fast and simple , very cool for summer doesn't have many products.
Small winged liner :
I used the "Mayblelline New York" eye studio gel liner (very good for beginners and easy), I make a small line on the outer corner of my eye then I make the wing in then I do the rest of the eye , each one has a way of making a winged liner I just feel this is easier when doing a small wing like this one.
I only used one layer of mascara " Max factor's wild mega volume " which I wrote about in the "4summer" article , you can use as much as you want with this mascara.
 also talked about it in "4summer "For my face didn’t use much just "Mayblellin's clear and smooth all in one" powder.
You can highlight and contour by using 2 different shades of this powder if you want too and add blush.
Soft matt brown lips:
Any brown matt lipstick or matt gloss can do the trick I used a matt brown lip gloss and not even sure of the brand but I like it , it gives out a clam smooth finish .
PS: for those who have small lips matt colors may make your lips look smaller , line your lips with a pencil
that has the same lipstick that you want to use right above your lip line so the line is slightly over that line , look in the mirror and see that the line makes your lips seem a little bigger than before , then go ahead and fill in your lips with the lipstick you want make sure that the line over your lips is covered.
Nude nails:
Nothing fancy with my nails, just a light nude color with a base and top coat.
This look is changeable put a red lip color or nails whatever you want but I wanted it to be a light classic look .
Tell us if you like it, and if you try it send us your pics girls.
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